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36 Keto Cauliflower Rice Recipes for Perfect Pilaf or Craveable Couscous!

Louise | June 20

Creamy risotto, fluffy couscous, and succulent pilaf- all things you can’t enjoy when you’re living the Keto lifestyle, right? Nope! If you haven’t discovered cauliflower rice already, let me be the first to sing the praises of this fantastic ingredient.

Made by “ricing” or finely mincing cauliflower (I use a food processor), the resulting look and texture is just about perfect for any recipe that calls for traditional white rice or even couscous. I’ve put together a list of my favorite Keto-friendly cauliflower rice recipes so you can get to enjoying this fantastic (and nutritious!) ingredient asap!

Although I’ve put a few recipes on the list that will help you to make cauliflower rice at home, did you know you can now buy pre-made cauliflower rice at many grocery stores? It’s worth having a packet or two stored away in the pantry, just in case you get a craving for fried rice or a delicious pilaf with mint and peas or even a cauliflower rice pilaf- all Keto-friendly recipes you can find on this list!

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Budget-friendly Keto: How to Do a Keto Diet Without Breaking the Bank

Louise | June 17

Are you interested in following the Keto diet but concerned about the increased cost?

If so, you might be surprised at just how affordable it can be when you slash your carb intake.

Eating on a budget is tricky, regardless of the foods you’re buying. The good news is that with just a little extra preparation and effort, you can embrace the Ketogenic lifestyle without going bankrupt.

Whatever the many downsides to processed and packaged foods, they are undeniably cheap. When you switch up to fresh produce you could end up spending far more than you’d like to, if you don’t do your homework. We’ll show you how to avoid that.

Today, we’ll look at 6 of the best ways to shave a few dollars from your grocery bill without blowing your macros.

We’ll walk you through:

  • Bulk buying
  • Sticking firmly to a Keto meal plan
  • Shopping online
  • Embracing frozen produce
  • Favoring seasonal foods
  • Visiting the supermarket


We’ll get straight down to business showing you how to save money on your Keto food bill by making a few sensible but simple tweaks.

Budget-friendly Keto: How to Do a Keto Diet Without Breaking the Bank #keto #article

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30 Crave-able Keto Crackers Recipes

Louise | June 17

Crackers are the true workhorse of the snacking world. Whether you’re piling them high with cheese, putting them into a bowl of chowder, or just need a quick handful to get you through the afternoon, crackers are everywhere when it comes to snacks. But so few store brands are Keto friendly!

When I went Keto, I didn’t want to give up crackers full stop, but I needed a way to make them work for my new lifestyle. That’s why I created this list of over 30 Keto-friendly cracker recipes.

Perfect on a party platter or an easy mid-afternoon snack, these recipes are sure to please both friends and family. From savory garlic and parmesan flaxseed crackers to plantain crackers to craveable cheddar crackers, there are recipes on this list to suit any palate (I’ve even included a few recipes for kale crackers!)

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34 Keto Chicken Thigh Recipes Packed with Flavor!

Louise | June 13

In my book, chicken thighs are totally unsung heroes. Not only are they often tastier and juicier than their more popular counterparts, the chicken breast, but they’re often way cheaper at the grocery store. But chicken thighs may be ready for a comeback.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite chicken thigh recipes to show you just how many ways you can use this fantastic ingredient in all kinds of Keto-friendly dishes.

From delicious Indian-inspired tandoori style main courses to succulent slow-cooker chicken soups, these recipes showcase just how many fantastic ways you can use chicken thighs in your cooking. Forget the chicken breast, the thigh is the way to go!

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Keto Berry “Frozen Yogurt” Recipe

Louise | June 12

Spring can be a tempting time of year on a keto diet. Warmer temperatures tend to correspond with ice cream shops opening their doors and windows for business. Make this keto berry “frozen yogurt” recipe and you won’t have to miss out on the fun!

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Is Popcorn Allowed on Keto?

Louise | June 11

Prepping meals and calculating your macros when you’re just starting out on Keto is just part of the battle…

If you want to keep your net carbs down to below 25 grams a day, you’ll need to be on guard when you get peckish between meals.

When you’re relaxing into your evening and settling down in front of a movie, it might be tempting to reach for the traditional bowl of popcorn.

Since the Keto diet is focused on macros rather than calories, you might be asking yourself if you can still get away with a few handfuls with your favorite film.

Today, we’ll walk you through the nutritional profile of popcorn so you can see where you stand, and we’ll also show you some alternatives so you can still enjoy a tasty treat.

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Net Carbs vs Total Carbs – Which Should You Count On Keto?

Louise | June 10

If you’re just starting out on the Keto diet, your head might feel like it’s swimming with numbers.

How do you effectively track your macros?

Do you need to count calories if you want to lose weight?

What about the difference between net carbs and total carbs? Which should take precedence on Keto?

We’ll clear up all these issues and more for you today.

For starters, we’ll clarify the difference between net carbs and total carbs, so you can see why this distinction matters when you’re following the Ketogenic diet.

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Can Keto Cause Adrenal Fatigue?

Louise | June 10

You might have read that low carb diets (like keto) can cause adrenal fatigue.

A quick search on Reddit or Google will show you dozens of different opinions and it can be hard to separate the facts from the fiction. Not to mention that it’s tricky to look through the scientific evidence and make sense of it all.

That’s why we’ve tracked down the opinions of knowledgeable experts and put them together for you to check out what they’ve got to say…

This article will explain what adrenal fatigue is and will give you the truth about whether or not the Keto Diet can cause it (according to experts).

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36 Killer Keto Kebabs Recipes

Louise | June 9

Whether you call it kebabs, skewers, or satay, food on a stick is probably the oldest form of cooking around. They’re also among the easiest recipes: all you need is fire and a stick! Although most folks think of kebabs as meat-heavy dishes, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a little grilled seafood or even some delicious veggies using the same method.

And thankfully, most kebab recipes are naturally Keto-friendly! We’ve put together some of our favorites on this list, from simple grilled shrimp to party-friendly antipasto kebabs.

The term kebab is believed to be loosely based on the Arabic word for roasted meat, but there’s no reason you can’t use a whole range of veggies or seafood as part of any kebab dish. Make sure to take a look at some of the delicious sauces that go with these Keto-friendly recipes: from creamy cucumber yogurt sauces to spicy chimichurri dips, they’re the perfect accompaniment for any grilled meat, seafood, or veggie!

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Keto Smoked Salmon Salad Recipe with Poached Egg

Louise | June 8

Keto breakfasts can be hard to create, as so many traditional dishes (like granola, cereal, and toast) are out of the question. That is, unless you create your own keto versions of them.

Two of my go-to keto breakfast foods are eggs and smoked salmon, so I thought I’d try combining them to create more variety. I loved the result – and I think you will love my keto smoked salmon salad recipe too.

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