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Keto Tortilla Chips Recipe

Louise | March 19

Mexican food is one of my favorites, but regular tortilla chips are off-limits on a keto diet. Not only have I come up with workarounds to make these chips keto, but I listed several different ways for you to cook them, depending on what equipment you have in your kitchen.

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33 Awesome Keto Avocado Recipes

Louise | March 17

Avocados are one of my favorite secret ingredients on Keto. Bursting with healthy fats and low in carbs, it’s hard to find a reason not to use avocados while on Keto.

Only know a recipe for avocado toast? This list of 33 Keto avocado recipes will kick start your avocado obsession with delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

From avocado deviled eggs to avocado pistachio ice cream, these Keto avocado recipes will show you just how easy it is to include this little fruit in almost every meal.
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36 Perfect Keto Pork Recipes

Louise | March 14

From bacon to brisket to roast to ham, there are a thousand and one reasons to love pork, particularly on a Keto diet. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 36 Keto pork recipes; with such a versatile ingredient, it’s hard to find a reason not to use pork in almost every dish!

You can travel the world with these global pork recipes, from Chinese-inspired Mu Shu pork to marinated Greek pork tenderloin to pork chops bursting with Mexican flavors of chipotle and coffee. And, don’t worry, I didn’t forget to put a few bacon recipes on there too!
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33 Ketogenic Bread Recipes [Paleo, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free]

Louise | March 13

Searching for Keto bread substitutes? Then look no further!

These ketogenic bread recipes will allow you to once again enjoy eating bread without all the carbohydrates!

We’ve organized them into different types of bread to help you determine which recipe is the one for you. From crackers to full-on slices of bread, we’ve got them all covered and rest assured, they’re all low carb bread recipes.

Just click on one of the sections below to jump straight to those recipes, or feel free to scroll and browse. You can also download the entire list so you can try different recipes in the future as well. Just click one of the green buttons below.

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31 Keto St Patrick’s Day Recipes That Will Have You Seeing Green

Louise | March 10

From spinach to avocado and kale…there’s a lot of green keto foods you can use to enjoy St. Patrick’s day (March 17th) this year.

And to help you out, we’ve listed below my favorite Keto St. Patrick’s Day recipes – they’ll have you seeing green for sure.

I’ve included some Keto-friendly takes on Irish classics, like Corned Beef with Mustard Cream Salad. There are also some fun treats to help celebrate the day, like Irish Cream Cheesecake and a delicious Shamrock Shake.

With this list of Keto recipes for Saint Paddy’s day, you’ll be able to stick to Keto as well as have fun.

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32 Keto Meatless Recipes To Make Meat-Lovers Swoon

Louise | March 7

Eating Keto gives us plenty of opportunities to get our daily dose of meat, but sometimes I get a huge craving for a plate of vegetables! Not only are they healthy and full of vitamins, but a meatless main course can be a great way to change up your Keto meal routine. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 32 Keto-friendly meatless recipes, with delicious options to get your veggies in for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

From meat-free cauliflower pizza to a breakfast frittata with fried avocado, even the most dedicated carnivore will learn to love the grocery store veggie aisle once you see all the great ways to go meatless while staying Keto!
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Keto Apple Cinnamon Muffins Recipe (Dairy-Free)

Louise | March 5

Muffins have a special nostalgia for me. There was one winter where every Saturday my Mom would go and pick up the most amazing apple cinnamon muffins that were so huge I couldn’t finish them.

Needless to say, creating a keto apple cinnamon muffin recipe was high on my priority list coming into winter.

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33 Keto Zucchini Recipes That Zip!

Louise | March 3

We all know that spiralized zucchini is a delicious Keto-friendly way to enjoy pasta. But there’s so much more to the humble summer squash! I’ve put together a list of 33 zucchini recipes that go beyond the simple spiralizer to showcase this delicious and healthy ingredient.

From bacon zucchini mushroom bakes to almond parmesan crusted zucchini chips to even zucchini blueberry mushrooms, you won’t believe how easy it is to include zucchini in almost any kind of recipe! Of course, I’ve also included my favorite zucchini noodles recipes on the list, from garlic roasted shrimp pasta to a Keto-friendly lasagna.

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110+ Ketogenic Breakfast Recipes

Louise | March 2

We know how tough preparing breakfast can be when you can’t just eat a bowl of cereal or have toast. That’s why we went out and found over 100 amazing ketogenic breakfast recipes so that you will never have to go hungry again.

We’ve got a ton of different recipes – and don’t worry, they’re not all just scrambled eggs! There’s also ketogenic “granola,” wraps, as well as muffins and other fun breakfast (or brunch) delights.

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The Best Sugars for Keto

Louise | March 1

Many folks think being on Keto means you have to give up desserts forever. Luckily, that’s not true!

You can still enjoy delicious desserts and sweet treats without breaking your Keto diet. It’s just a question of using the right type of sugar alternatives and sweeteners.

We’ve put together an easy and simple list to help!

It’ll show you the best kinds of sweeteners and sugars to use while on Keto. And you’ll also find out which commonly used sugars to avoid!

We’ve even provided some scrumptious and sweet Keto-friendly dessert recipes for you to try, which use many of the sugars and sweeteners you can find on this list.

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31 Game-Changing Keto Ground Turkey Recipes

Louise | February 28

Who says turkey is just for Thanksgiving? Delicious and healthy, turkey is a great way to add variety to a Keto diet. And I’ve put together 31 Keto ground turkey recipes that will have you talking turkey in no time!

This list has something for everyone, from easy chipotle turkey meatballs to inventive dishes like pizza turkey crust meatza (you gotta try it!). I’ve even thrown in a few breakfast turkey dishes on the list to show just how amazingly adaptable this protein is.
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