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No Carb Snacks for Keto or Low Carb Diets

Louise | May 29
No Carb Snacks - Perfect for a Keto or Low Carb Diet #keto #article

Are you finding it tough to stay on track with the Keto diet?

If so, snacking may be undermining your efforts.

Let’s face it, with just a bit of planning and a couple hours of meal prep, coming up with a selection of nutritious meals within your Keto macros is relatively straightforward.

When it comes to snacks, though…

Well, the shelves of most supermarkets are stuffed with carb-heavy goodies like chips and cookies, leaving you scratching your head and wondering which way to turn.

Today, we’ll walk you through a range of no carb snacks for ketogenic and low carb diets, so you can munch away between meals without blowing your macros. While snacking should be controlled, if you choose the right foods half the battle is won.

First up, we’ll briefly examine 14 of the best no carb snack foods ideal for a ketogenic diet.

After this, we’ll look at a few foods you should definitely avoid, before rounding out with a glimpse at the different ways in which carbs are calculated.

We’ll get straight down to business with 14 of the best no carb snack ideas, so you’ve always got options. And if you need to purchase snacks check out our list of best Keto snacks or watch this video on which snacks to get at Walmart:

14 No Carb Snacks

1. Beef Jerky (without any flavorings that include carbs)

Packed with protein but also very low in carbohydrates – as long as you choose any additional flavorings wisely, beef jerky is a go-to if you want to stay in ketosis without giving up tasty treats.

Given the higher protein content and the fact it’s very low in fat, beef jerky is best eaten in moderation if you want to stay within your macros.

If beef is not to your liking, pick up some jerky made from a meat that you prefer, but always keep an eye out for any added sugar. If you’re concerned the fat content is too low, counter it by loading up on rinds instead…

No Carb Snacks – Perfect For a Keto or Low Carb Diet

2. Pork Rinds (without any flavorings that include carbs)

You’ll find that pork rinds complement jerky wonderfully and their higher fat content compensates for the lack of fat in the jerky.

These fried pork skins are very low in both carbs and protein while giving you that all-important dose of fats essential for Keto. These are favorite no carb snacks for diabetics or others monitoring their blood sugar.

Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Jodelle Fitzwater says, “The saturated fat and adequate protein will keep you fuller longer since both fat and protein take longer to digest than carbs do.”

A bowl of pork rinds with your movie makes a Keto-friendly alternative to popcorn. Crunchy, nutritious and so good, you’ll keep coming back for more.

And if you want to try making your own pork rinds, then check out these Keto pork rinds recipes.

3. Pepperoni and Salami

While the core focus of Keto should be natural and non-processed foods, treating yourself to a stick of pepperoni or salami is fine every once in a while.

These processed sticks have very few carbohydrates while containing a good dose of protein and fat. (1) The low carb and high-fat macros in pepperoni and salami are almost tailor-made for a ketogenic diet.

Aside from spices, seasoning and the meat itself, there are few other ingredients, making the odd stick of salami a do-able ketogenic snack.

4. Deli Meat

Popping to the deli counter to load up on some choice cuts is a smart way of snacking low-carb or no carb style when you’re following the a ketogenic diet.

Whether you want a mouth-watering selection of cold cuts or some choice prosciutto, these fatty meats have almost no carbs so they are ideal Keto companions.

Try some wrapped around asparagus for a delectable snack.

5. Celery Sticks (in small amounts)

A large stalk of celery comes with under 1 gram of net carbs, so on that front, they are a perfect ketogenic snack. (2)

Keep your consumption of celery scaled down, and dip the sticks into some low-carb dill sauce for the odd crunchy bite between meals.

No Carb Snacks – Perfect For a Keto or Low Carb Diet

6. Lettuce and Meat Wraps

Do you miss eating wraps now you’re on the Keto diet?

There’s no need to deprive yourself. All you need to do is substitute some lettuce for the tortilla and you’re in business.

With less than a quarter of a gram of carbs per leaf (3), lettuce is a crisp winner you can stuff with a bewildering array of Keto-friendly fillings – like a BLT ranch wrap that will keep you on track with ketosis. Check out our Keto pork carnitas with lettuce wrap recipe for one of my favorite no carb snack ideas.

Or, use a slice of prosciutto or salami as a wrap to spice things up while still keeping your snack zero carbs.

7. Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki noodles are almost zero-calorie and zero-carb.

Popular in Asian cuisine, these noodles are made from the konjac plant and are 97% water.

Since the FDA allows foods with under 0.5 grams of carbs to slide through labeled “zero” carbs, you might see your noodles marketed as zero carb when a 3 oz. serving actually contains around 2 calories and under a gram of carbs (all of which is fiber). (4)

8. Chicken Strips Fried In Coconut Oil

If you have the time to spend a few minutes racking up a savory snack, chicken strips fried up in coconut oil makes a superb low-carb choice.

You’ll get no carbs whatsoever from the chicken. And if you’re chopping meat into strips anyway, why not go for a darker and fattier cut?

Then fry in coconut oil, which has a whopping 13.5 grams of healthy fats per tablespoon (5) and no carbs. Also, the fat helps to balance the protein from the chicken to keep your macros in check.

No Carb Snacks – Perfect For a Keto or Low Carb Diet

9. Boiled Eggs

If you’re looking for some zero-carb action, boiled eggs should be high on your list.  Eggs are super-satisfying and high in nutrition. Registered Nutritionist Jo Lewin, RNutr says, “Eggs are rich in several nutrients that promote heart health such as betaine and choline.”

As with some of the meats we’ve listed, you’ll need to moderate consumption on the grounds of the protein content. That said, grabbing a boiled egg between meals will keep you satisfied so you’re not tempted by that bag of chips.

Or if you want to be fancy, check out these Keto deviled eggs, one of our most crowd-pleasing no carb snack recipes.

10. Egg Salad

Sticking with the idea of eggs, you can dice them up into a cool, crispy salad to wolf down on a hot afternoon.

As long as you watch for carbs in your salad dressing and keep an eye on the protein, you can’t go too wrong.

11. Club Soda or Stevia Sweetened Drinks

We know, you need to drink enough water but perhaps you’re bored with flat Evian.

Why not switch things up and weave in some club soda or a sparkling drink sweetened with stevia?

Stevia has many advantages as a sweetener.  Dr. Ben Brown, M.D. says, “The majority of research on stevia shows that it appears to be safe and has some potential benefits, including possibly lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.

Zero-calorie and filled with bubbles, these drinks are a refreshing no carb alternative to plain old H2O to keep you on track with your macros while ensuring you’re fully hydrated.

We would, however, suggest that you stay off the diet sodas like diet coke.

12. Canned Fish e.g., Sardines, Tuna, Salmon

OIly canned fish can be slathered on top of a salad or eaten on its own if you’re a little peckish and it’s not yet dinner time.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains no carbs, moderate amounts of protein and plenty of healthy fats, snacking on seafood is perfectly aligned with Keto.

Why not try our 5-Minute Sardines Salad recipe.

13. Ketogenic Coffee or Tea with Ghee and MCT Oil

If you’re a caffeine fiend following Keto, why not start your day with some frothy Keto coffee or some tea served with ghee and MCT oil instead of a regular cuppa?

These drinks are laden with healthy fats, making them the ideal afternoon beverage. And if you add MCT oil into these drinks, then they can provide an additional ketone boost to your day.

No Carb Snacks – Perfect For a Keto or Low Carb Diet

14. Keto Mayo with Tuna or Chicken

If you’re thinking that high-carb mayo is off-limits on Keto, you’re right…

The good news is that it’s easy to make up your own Keto or Paleo mayo, which is zero-carb and also rich in healthy fats.

Use this to flavor some tuna or chicken and you’ll banish hunger pangs in a hurry.

Bonus – Dairy No Carb Snack Ideas

We generally don’t recommend dairy on a ketogenic diet. For reasons on why cheese isn’t ideal for a Keto diet, check out this post on Is Cheese Keto?

However, if you tolerate dairy well, then a few slices of cheese can be an easy no carb Keto snack.

And if you love coffee, many low carb dieters add a dash of heavy cream. You can, of course, stay dairy-free and use coconut cream in your coffee instead.

Now’s you’ve got plenty of ideas to stave off temptation while still chowing down on something tasty, what snacks should you sidestep?

Why Aren’t Nuts, Olives, and Avocado No Carb Snack Foods?

Nuts vary widely. For example, ½ cup of mixed nuts contains almost 10 grams of net carbs (6). This alone makes them totally unsuitable for Keto.

Olives contain a good amount of fat with very little protein. Unfortunately, they also contain over 4.5 grams of net carbs per cup (7). Too much for a no carb ketogenic snack.

You might think that the fatty avocado is ripe for attacking if you fancy a little something between meals. Unfortunately, with almost 3 grams of net carbs per cup, avocado doesn’t qualify as a no carb snack (8).

No Carb Snacks – Perfect For a Keto or Low Carb Diet

Should I Count Net Carbs Or Total Carbs On Keto?

If you’re confused about the difference between net carbs and total carbs on a ketogenic diet, you needn’t be.

Net carbs are what’s left when you deduct the fiber content of food from the total carb content. Net Carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber

Calculating net carbs is generally your best bet when sticking with a Keto diet.

Almost Zero Carb Snacks

If the above snapshot of low-carb snack foods whet your appetite, check out our guide to 48 of the very best keto snacks for all occasions. You’ll find recipes for crunchy, sweet, and savory Keto snacks, and our go-to brands for keto chocolate and low carb snack bars.

If that’s not enough, how about 60 almost zero-carb Keto snacks?

And for even more delicious Keto snack recipes, check out our new Essential Keto Snacks Cookbook.


Snacking on no carb foods is just one more way to help you stay in ketosis and achieve your goals while still being able to treat yourself.

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