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30+ Revitalizing Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Louise | February 10
34 Revitalizing Coffee and Tea Recipes #keto

Having a routine can be very satisfying and one of my favorite routines is having a cup of coffee or tea in the mornings (after my Ketogenic green smoothie).

But it can get boring just drinking black coffee or black tea all the time, so if you miss your lattes and cappuccinos, then this list of Ketogenic coffee and tea recipes is for you! I would give these drinks a try even if you’re not on a Ketogenic diet. These coffee and tea recipes are very low in sugar or carbohydrates (and they’re Paleo) and can be a great way to energize yourself in the morning without the mid-morning sugar crash!

And if you’re not a coffee fan, don’t worry because we have a ton of refreshing tea recipes – some are made from black tea, some are herbal, and some are fruity.

For something different, why not try the Vanilla Maca Latte or the Homemade Vanilla Chocolate Rooibos Tea recipe.

Here are just a few of the Ketogenic Coffee and Tea Recipes we’ve included:

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Keto Coffees, Lattes, and Cappuccinos

Keto Coffee Recipe

– Keto Summit

Keto Coffee Recipe

Ingredients: black coffee, MCT oil, ghee.

This is a twist on your usual cup of black coffee, with multiple options to change it up!  It’s like having your very own Keto Starbucks!

This drink is a great way to get in some MCTs.  Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. calls MCT oil “the secret fat that makes you thin.” MCT oil is harder for your body to store, and is easily burned for energy instead. “For many patients, MCT becomes that little nudge to help you drop those last 10 to 15 stubborn pounds that just won’t go away.”

Paleo Cinnamon Turmeric Coffee

– Paleo Flourish

Paleo Cinnamon Turmeric Coffee Recipe

Ingredients: black coffee, Ceylon cinnamon powder, turmeric powder, black pepper, coconut milk or almond milk, coconut oil (optional), Paleo sweeteners of choice (optional).

This cup of joe will give you a fab health boost, with antioxidant packed cinnamon as well as brain-boosting benefits of turmeric, you’ll want to make sure you try out this coffee recipe.  Regardless of how it works Keto coffee is a great way to start the day.

A side note: If you love the health benefits of turmeric but don’t eat (or drink!) it daily, consider trying our very own Turmeric Soothe supplement.

The Ultimate Paleo Coffee

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Ingredients: ghee, coconut oil, coconut or almond milk, coffee.

You might think it is strange to put ghee and oil into coffee, but if you like your coffee frothy them blending these ingredients in gives a great froth and an amazingly smooth taste! Just use a hand blender or a milk frother if you have one. This recipe is quick and easy to make then you can just relax and enjoy.

Mexican Coffee – Low Carb and Sugar Free

– I Breathe I’m Hungry

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry

Ingredients: water, cinnamon stick, whole cloves, salt, unsweetened cocoa powder, espresso ground coffee or regular coffee, vanilla extract, erythritol sweetener, Torani Sugar Free Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Syrup.

This magical coffee has flavors of cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla which is amazing in my book. Try out this Mexican take on a mocha and you will be so pleased you did!

Rocket Fuel Cafe Mocha

– Ditch the Wheat

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Carol from Ditch The Wheat

Ingredients: brewed coffee or tea, full-fat coconut milk, cocoa powder, chia seeds, MCT oil or extra virgin coconut oil, vanilla bean powder or alcohol-free vanilla extract, alcohol-free stevia.

When you think of rocket-fuel and coffee together, you imagine a super strong black coffee which might take your eyebrows off! This brew is sweetened by vanilla bean powder and stevia and uses chia seeds – blended in to help boost your fiber for the day.

Coconut Milk Latte

– Steph Gaudreau

Ingredients: coffee, coconut cream or full-fat coconut milk, cinnamon (optional).

If you like your coffee creamy then this latte recipe is for you! It can be served hot or you can chill it. Please remember that if you are using coconut cream, you should brew your coffee hot, not cold brewed, as the cream will set in chilled water! Adding the cinnamon to this latte gives it a lovely spicy taste, but simply leave it out if you’re not keen.

Vanilla Maca Latte

– Delicious Obsessions

Ingredients: brewed herbal coffee, full fat coconut milk, vanilla extract, maca powder, cinnamon, nutmeg.

This dairy and caffeine-free latte is great for anyone who can’t tolerate dairy, or has to avoid caffeine. When you blend the drink the coconut milk forms a lovely frothy top, so not only does it taste great, it really looks like a latte too! The maca powder has a sweet flavor and can also be used in smoothies.

Dairy-Free Cappuccino

– Cook Eat Paleo

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Lisa from Cook Eat Paleo

Ingredients: espresso, homemade cashew milk, sweetener of choice (optional), cinnamon (optional).

This is a great coffee to impress your friends! It combines the creamy taste of the cashew milk with espresso, giving you a fantastic coffee hit, but without the dairy. A sprinkle of cinnamon makes this look even more appetizing and has a subtle, warming flavor, but it still looks great without it, or swap it out for a spice of your choice!

Cinnamon Coffee

– Domestic Soul

Ingredients: coffee, cinnamon.

The subtle heat from the cinnamon gives you such a warming feeling, making this the ideal cup of coffee for those chilly days or just for relaxing with a good book! Cinnamon is also good for you and has been shown to help with regulating blood sugar so it’s a big help if you are having blood sugar problems or are pre-diabetic.

Turkish Cardamom Coffee

– Beauty and the Foodie

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Stacey from Beauty and the Foodie

Ingredients: ground coffee beans, hot water, cardamom pods, cream and sweetener of choice to taste (optional).

Turkish coffee is renowned worldwide for its excellent flavor, and this one is no different. The cardamom pods add an Eastern flavor to this drink and help with the smoothness of the taste. If you like your coffee black then you will love this one, or use cream if you prefer.

Herbal Coffee Bulletproof

– The Nourished Caveman

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Vivica from The Nourished Caveman

Ingredients: coconut oil, ghee or grass fed butter, coconut cream, herbal coffee.

This is a great recipe if you have problems that can be made worse with caffeine, such as blood sugar and thyroid difficulties. There are many herbal coffees available on the market, so just experiment till you find your favorite.

You don’t have to buy an expensive coffee maker either – a simple hand blender does the job!  Just be sure to keep your bulletproof coffee Keto and avoid using sweeteners.

Keto Coffee: Cold Brews and Iced Coffees

Keto Iced Lemon Coffee Recipe [Paleo, Low-Carb]

– Keto Summit

Keto Iced Lemon Coffee Recipe [Paleo, Low-Carb] #paleo #recipe

Ingredients: cold brew coffee, ice cubes, lemon juice, stevia, lemon slice.

I’m not sure when I had my first iced lemon coffee, but I remember thinking it was genius! The citrus flavors make it even more refreshing and summery. So, start slicing up some lemons and make this simple drink instead. It’s Keto-friendly, low carb, and Paleo.

Keto Low-Carb Pumpkin Pie Latte (Contains Dairy)

– Ditch the Carbs

Keto Low-Carb Pumpkin Pie Latte

Photo Credit: Libby from Ditch The Carbs

Ingredients: butter, heavy cream, pumpkin pie spice mix, granulated sweetener of choice, coffee hot or cold.

This recipe takes one of the most sought after fall drinks and turns it into a Keto dream! Enjoy this drink cold or hot, depending on how you’re feeling.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

– The Coconut Mama

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Tiffany from The Coconut Mama

Ingredients: coffee, water.

Here is a basic recipe for cold brew coffee that can be altered to suit your own taste. It is simple to make and can be stored in the fridge. Many of us love our daily hit of coffee, but because this is cold brew, it is ideal for warmer days. If you are using a mason jar to make this, just remember to strain the grounds through a cheesecloth or sieve first!

Spiced Cacao Cold Brew Coffee

– My Heart Beets

Spiced Cacao Cold Brew Coffee

Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets

Ingredients: ground coffee, ground cacao nibs, water, nutmeg, cinnamon.

Adding the cacao nibs to this cold brew gives a subtle chocolate note to this coffee making it more like mocha. If you like your coffee stronger, then simply add more ground coffee. The spices in this recipe give it a warming flavor but it would be easy to use your own ideas to spice this up – how about a hint of chilli or pepper?

Toasted Coconut Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

– Ari’s Menu

Ingredients: ground coffee, unsweetened toasted coconut, water.

The main difference between cold brew and normal hot coffee is that cold brew is a lot less bitter and has a smoother flavor. Don’t be scared by the amount of coffee grounds in this recipe – it makes a coffee concentrate which you add water to, so you can dilute it to your taste. The coconut adds to the smoothness of the coffee and makes a great partnership.

Paleo Frappuccino

– Forest and Fauna

Ingredients: dandelion coffee or regular chilled coffee/cold brew, coconut milk (or any other “milk”), sweetener (optional).

This cold coffee is a great way to start the day! It gives you the caffeine you need and tastes great without sweetener, but if you need to sweeten it, you can try adding stevia. This will also give you the slow release energy you might need if you have a busy day ahead.

How to Make Iced Latte

– Cook Eat Paleo

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Lisa from Cook Eat Paleo

Ingredients: ice cubes, cashew milk, espresso.

Iced coffee is made with hot water then chilled over ice, rather than being cold brewed. This is another basic recipe that you can adapt to suit your own taste by adding flavorings, spices or sweetening agents if you like, and if you are not too keen on cashew milk then simply replace it with your favorite nut milk.

Keto Teas

Simple Mint Tea

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Ingredients: fresh mint leaves, water.

You can’t beat mint tea for a refreshing beverage at any time of day. You can buy fresh mint leaves in some stores, or you could opt to grow your own!

Orange Cinnamon Ginger Tea

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: orange, cinnamon stick, ginger, boiling hot water.

This tea is another super simple brew, all you need are fresh ingredients at hand and you can make this tea whenever you fancy. Orange, cinnamon and ginger are a great combo for when you need a little pick-me-up.

Matcha Green Tea Latte

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Ingredients: matcha powder, boiling water, coconut cream or coconut milk, sweetener to taste.

Matcha is a powdered green tea that is known for its antioxidant properties and can give this drink a freshness you may not get from regular tea. It gives a bigger caffeine hit than regular tea because you are actually consuming the tea powder. If you have never heard of or tried tea latte, then this is a perfect way to try it.

Homemade Vanilla Chocolate Rooibos Tea

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Ingredients: rooibos tea, 100% cacao powder, shredded coconut, vanilla extract, hot water.

With its origins in South Africa, rooibos tea has become very popular over the past few years, as it has antioxidant properties and tastes great! If you are doubtful about chocolate and tea together, why not give it a try. It gives a depth to the flavor, and the coconut helps to create a smooth taste to this refreshing drink.

Chamomile Mint Tea

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Ingredients: chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves, hot water.

Throughout history, chamomile tea has been given to people who were not feeling so good, as it has a relaxing effect and can help you get to sleep at night. This makes it perfect for helping you to unwind after a busy or stressful day. You do not have to use peppermint in this recipe – just use your favorite mint to adapt the recipe to suit you.

Ginger Basil Tea

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Ingredients: ginger, basil leaves, hot water.

There is something amazing about the flavor and smell you get from fresh basil that really brings your senses to life! It makes this tea fresh and full of taste and, with the subtle kick from the ginger, can warm you on a colder day or give you a boost at any time. Let the tea brew for a few minutes before serving to enhance the flavor.

Turmeric Ginger Lime Tea

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: lime, turmeric leaves, ginger, hot water.

Fresh turmeric is now much more available than it used to be and you will find it looks a bit like ginger root. Turmeric is known for its antioxidant qualities and has such a vivid color that it gives this drink a fabulous look as well as a fab flavor. If you are not a fan of lime then you can easily use lemon instead, and either of these go well with ginger and if you have blended the tea with the coconut cream you will find it even looks like a latte.

Pregnancy Tea

– A Girl Worth Saving

Photo Credit: Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving

Ingredients: spearmint leaves, rosehips, nettle leaves, alfalfa, oatstraw, red raspberry leaf.

The herbs used here have various helpful qualities, from easing labor to tightening things up after baby is born. Raspberry leaf is particularly good for pregnant women as it helps to maintain uterine health both during and after birth. To get the best from this vitamin-rich tea, let it steep for ten minutes before serving. If you are wondering which foods are best for your body during pregnancy, listen in to our interview with Lily Nichols.

Antioxidant Wellness Tea

– Beauty and the Foodie

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Stacey from Beauty and the Foodie

Ingredients: water, lemon juice, fresh ginger, organic apple cider vinegar, ground turmeric, liquid stevia.

Anyone who has ever had a cold will know how good ginger and lemon are for helping you feel better. Drinking this tea when you first feel a cold starting can sometimes get rid of it or at least cut it a bit shorter. This recipe also tastes so good – fresh with the lemon and warming with the turmeric and ginger. This tea can also help with sore throat problems.

Masala Chai Tea

– Slim Palate

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Josh from Slim Palate

Ingredients: coconut milk, unsweetened and unflavored almond milk, cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise, knob ginger, cardamom pods, black tea, vanilla bean, orange peel, nutmeg.

This tea is packed with spice and diverse flavors. It has a bit of a kick, thanks to the ginger and cinnamon, and is another recipe that can be enjoyed just as well served hot or chilled over ice for a delicious long summer drink. You can store ginger in the freezer then just grate what you need rather than wasting it by buying too much.

Keto Iced Teas

Keto Iced Apple Green Tea

– Keto Summit

Keto Iced Apple Green Tea #keto

Ingredients: brewed green tea, ice, apple cider vinegar, stevia.

Unlike many store-bought iced teas, this Keto-friendly version won’t kick you out of ketosis. The perfect, refreshing drink on a busy day!

Thai Iced Tea – Made 2 Ways! (Contains Dairy)

– Tasteaholics

Ingredients: Sugar-Free Version: Thai tea, boiling water, ice cubes, heavy cream, liquid stevia. Authentic Version: Thai tea, boiling water, ice cubes, Enlightened salted caramel ice cream, liquid stevia.

With 2 ways to make this traditional iced tea, you can choose which ingredients you prefer. This would be the perfect addition to a sunny day, all you need is a sun lounger!

Southern Sweet Tea

– Lowcarb-ology

Ingredients: Xylitol, filtered water, loose leaf tea or tea bags, ice, lemon, mint leaves, sweetener.

Southern sweet tea is very carb-heavy when made the traditional way, but this version will have you super shocked at how Keto-friendly it can be made with this recipe!

Iced Ketoproof Green Tea (Contains Dairy)

– Ruled Me

Ingredients: green tea, unsalted butter, coconut oil, heavy cream, ice cubes.

This is an amazing way to start your day with a big boost for your metabolism in the morning. Even though this is a drink, it will keep you full until lunch time and is a healthy breakfast.

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie (Contains Dairy)

– Low Carb Yum

Keto Coffee and Tea Recipes

Photo Credit: Lisa from Low Carb Yum

Ingredients: unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk, chia seeds, matcha green tea powder, lemon juice, vanilla stevia drops, plain whole milk Greek yogurt or coconut cream, glucomannon or xanthan gum (optional thickeners), crushed ice (optional).

This is a super fun take on a cup of tea, with yummy matcha flavors but in the form of a summery smoothie. Coconut cream will add a fresh taste into the mix and Greek yogurt will add a little tang.

Cold Brew Iced Tea with Lemon and Mint

– Cook Eat Paleo

Cold Brew Iced Tea with Lemon and Mint

Photo Credit: Lisa from Cook Eat Paleo

Ingredients: water, tea bags, lemon slices, fresh mint sprigs, ice cubes.

Just like the cold brew coffees, this can be made hot and then chilled, but you can cold brew it overnight in the fridge. And on a lovely hot summer day, who wouldn’t enjoy a fantastic iced tea to refresh them and quench thirst? Tea has been served with lemon since the days of the Indian Raj, and is still as popular today.

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