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The Top 15 Keto Cookbooks of 2018

Louise | December 14
Cookbook with Avocado

With the popularity of low carb and ketogenic diets there’s been a surge in the number of excellent low carb cookbooks.  There’s really no reason a ketogenic diet has to be all eggs, meat and veggies – it’s a plan that can offer variety for any meal or snack.

Just think – only a few years ago no one had ever thought to spiralize a zucchini, and Swerve wasn’t even a thing yet. Now we’ve got an entire book of delicious low carb desserts, another devoted just to ketogenic comfort foods, and several loaded with quick and easy snacks and meals. There’s even a vegan Keto cookbook!

We’ve assembled a list of the top 15 Keto cookbooks of 2018, to broaden your menu options and keep your ketogenic diet interesting and satisfying. They’re listed in no particular order, so pick a Keto Cookbook or two that inspires you to roll up your sleeves and get cooking.

  1. Keto Restaurant Favorites

    by Maria Emmerich

    Keto Restaurant Favorites Book

    One of the top cookbooks in the lineup is Keto Restaurant Favorites by Maria Emmerich. This cookbook has low carb versions of our favorite restaurant meals, including Corn Dogs, Pho, Calzones, and Cannoli.

    The book focuses largely on ethnic cuisines, including Asian, Italian, Latin American, and Indian. With nearly 170 recipes, you’re sure to find ketogenic versions of the take-out and dine-in fare you’ve been craving.

  2. The Essential Keto Cookbook

    by Louise and Jeremy Hendon

    The Essential Keto Cookbook

    The Essential Keto Cookbook includes 200 pages of easy-to-follow recipes accompanied by beautiful full-color photos. The book can be used on your computer or tablet, or printed to take with you anywhere.

    All recipes are free of wheat and other grains, dairy, sugar, beans, preservatives. The focus is on real foods: meats, veggies, and occasionally nuts and seeds. Some of the delicious recipes you’ll find are Fiery Buffalo Wings, Fish Tacos, and Popcorn Shrimp.

  3. Keto for Life

    by Mellissa Sevigny

    Keto for Life Book
    We love this new cookbook by Mellissa Sevigny, because it’s for real people with moderate budgets and busy schedules. This book comes with photos, meal plans, grocery lists, and macro counts, making it easy to stay on track.

    One reader says, “Mellissa’s sense of humor and tell-it-to-you-straight style makes you feel like you’re chatting with a trusted girlfriend (including hilarious and genius tips for getting picky eaters to appreciate Keto dishes!)”

  4. The Essential Keto Snacks Cookbook

    by Louise Hendon and Kate Bay Jaramillo

    The Essential Keto Snacks Cookbook
    One of the biggest adjustments when switching to a low carb diet can be giving up the old comforting snack foods. What you might not know is that there are tons of keto-friendly snacks that are just as satisfying and far more healthy!

    The Essential Keto Snacks Cookbook includes recipes for all kinds of snacks – sweet, salty, savory – you name it. In no time you’ll be making your own Cajun Roasted Almonds, Onion Rings, Tortilla Chips, and Brownies – all 100% ketogenic and delicious.

  5. Made Whole

    by Cristina Curp

    Made Whole Book
    What’s great about Made Whole, by Cristina Curp, is the absolute focus on non-inflammatory, whole, natural foods. All recipes in the book are free of grain, gluten, sugar, dairy, nuts, starches, nightshades, and alcohol.

    Some of Cristina’s whole-food recipes include Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Turkey Falafel with Tzatziki Sauce, and Savory Flax Waffles. Registered Dietitian Ali Miller, RD says, “Cristina has turned “food-as-medicine” into a delicious lifestyle that adapts to your body and your family’s needs.”

  6. Simply Keto

    by Suzanne Ryan

    Simply Keto Book
    Simply Keto is more than a cookbook. It’s also a guide to achieving your weight loss goals with a ketogenic diet. Suzanne Ryan shed over 100 pounds by cutting carbs and is sharing her roadmap to success, along with over 100 easy recipes.

    The book includes a guide for starting a ketogenic plan, shopping tips, a 30-day meal plan, and FAQs. This is a great all-in-one book for someone just kicking off a ketogenic diet, especially if weight loss is the goal.

  7. Keto Living Day by Day

    by Kristie Sullivan

    Keto Living Day by Day Book
    This book is a complete and practical guide to ketogenic living. It details Kristie’s journey to health and offers lots of practical tips, including meal planning and budget-friendly shopping guidelines.

    The 130+ recipes you’ll find in this book are designed to minimize your time in the kitchen, and include ingredients that are widely available and easy to find locally.

  8. The Keto Desserts Cookbook

    by Louise Hendon and Becky Williams

    Keto Desserts Cookbook
    There’s just no reason to feel deprived on Keto. The Keto Desserts Cookbook is a collection of favorite desserts, made 100% Keto. These sweet treats taste as good as the originals, without the guilt or the blood sugar spikes!

    Some of the 65 recipes you’ll find in this book include Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Coconut Macaroons, and Fudge Brownie Bites. The Ingredients are all Keto, low-carb, sugar-free, Paleo, dairy-free, low-inflammatory, and gluten-free.

  9. The Keto Paleo Kitchen

    by Vivica Menegaz

    The Keto Paleo Kitchen Book
    This wonderful cookbook blends the principles behind ketogenic and Paleo diets to produce 80 delicious recipes, along with beautiful full-color photos and nutritional counts.

    Dr. Jason Fung, M.D., program medical director of Intensive Dietary Management, says, “The Keto Paleo Kitchen is a great resource for simple recipes which are delicious yet healthy. Highly recommended!”

  10. The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen

    by Carolyn Ketchum

    The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen Book
    The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen, by Carolyn Ketchum has a nice array of over 150 low carb recipes – from breads and breakfast options to family dinner favorites and desserts.

    The book includes sections for the best ingredients to use (including swaps and substitutions) and tips for setting up your kitchen with the right tools.  These features make this book a great option for low carb fans of all experience levels, from beginner to more advanced.

  11. Vegan Keto

    by Liz MacDowell

    Vegan Keto Book
    We love this innovative book, and applaud Liz MacDowell for making low carb easy for those following a plant-based diet. This is a great collection of both meal and snack options, all of which are free of meat, eggs, and dairy.

    Some of the recipes included in this book are Coconut Flour Waffles, Spinach & Olive Mini Quiche Cups, Kelp Noodle Pad Thai, No-Bake Falafel, and Chocolate Almond Butter Cupcakes. Listen to our podcast episode with Liz!

  12. Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking

    by Maria Emmerich

    Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking Book
    This is a wonderful cookbook for the busy family. You’re covered from breakfast to dinner with fast, simple and satisfying meals that won’t keep you tied to the kitchen.

    This book has been receiving rave reviews from both readers and health professionals. Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D. says, “The question I hear most often after I describe the critical importance of changing to a very low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and higher fat diet is, ‘What’s left to eat?’ Maria answers that question expertly and beautifully in Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking.”

  13. Keto Essentials

    by Vanessa Spina

    Keto Essentials Book
    This book by the internet’s “Ketogenic Girl” Vanessa Spina is the perfect tool for kicking off a low carb diet. The first part of the book lays a good foundation with background on ketogenic living, information on macros and nutrition, and guidance for common issues that arise. The second part offers 100+ simple ketogenic recipes and meal plans.

    Dr. Jeffry Gerber, M.D., Denver’s Diet Doctor, says, “Food is medicine. Vanessa Spina’s new book brings savory and delicious recipes to the table, perfect for those following a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. Nutrient dense real food satiates and provides the framework for chronic disease prevention and better health. I look forward to sharing these recipes with my patients.”

  14. Craveable Keto

    by Kyndra D. Holley

    Cravable Keto Book
    This recipe book by Kyndra D. Holley is a great guide to starting or enhancing your healthy low carb journey. It contains more than 130 whole-food recipes, meal plans and shopping lists to support you toward a healthier future.

    Some of the recipes you’ll find include Everything Bagel Dogs, Lasagna Zucchini Roll-Ups, Dill Pickle Brined Fish and Chips, and Buffalo Chicken Flatbread. There’s no reason to feel deprived on a ketogenic diet with recipes like this!

  15. Keto Comfort Foods

    by Maria Emmerich

    Keto Comfort Foods Book
    Books by best-selling author Maria Emmerich have appeared on this list, not one, not two, but three times! Maria is renowned for her expertise as a chef and her ability to create amazing low carb recipes. Keto Comfort Foods is no exception!

    This book includes over 170 soul-soothing recipes, including Garlicky Cheddar Biscuits and Gravy, BBQ chicken lasagna, Chicken Pot pies, and many others, along with soups, appetizers, and desserts that are sure to make you feel toasty inside.


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