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27 Mouth-Watering Keto Chicken Breast Recipes for Every Occasion

Louise | November 29
28 Mouth-Watering Keto Chicken Breast Recipes for Every Occasion

I was at a barbeque this summer when my friend said something that shocked me.

Our host was serving these delicious juicy, flame grilled chicken breasts with his grandfather’s “secret spicy barbecue sauce”. My stomach rumbled every time I got a whiff of the grill and I couldn’t wait to try one!

But my friend, well…

She asked for a hot dog instead.

I was totally stunned! This chicken was perfectly grilled, with sweet spices melted on my tongue and provided just the right amount of heat.

My friend loves spicy food, so I had to ask…why didn’t she get the chicken? Especially because it was so good!

“Because chicken is boring,” she said.


Chicken is anything but boring!

Chicken is versatile, and a crowd pleaser. If you’ve got kids, you know how easy it is to get them to eat chicken. And it’s a reliable, tasty source of lean protein that gives you energy and keeps you going!

I told my friend she was wrong, and promptly sent her my favourite chicken breast recipes.

And I’ve put them together for you here. 28 Mouth-Watering Keto Chicken Breast Recipes — perfect for lunches, dinners, and leftovers.  

Prepared every way you could want, and totally, 100% keto.


Here are just a few of the Keto Chicken Breast Recipes we’ve included:

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Grilled Keto Chicken Breasts

Grilled Chicken Skewers with Garlic Sauce

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breast, onion, bell peppers, zucchini, garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil.

The garlic sauce takes a little bit of time and patience to make, but it really is worth the effort! Once you have tried it you will want to use it on so many other dishes! As with so many other grill recipes, the choice of vegetables can be totally up to you, so why not experiment and try using mushrooms or red onion for a different flavor.

Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajita Skewers

– Whitney Bond

Ingredients: chicken breasts, limes, sea salt, cumin, chipotle pepper, cilantro, garlic, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, red onion.

These fajita skewers are so easy to make, since the meat is marinated for 30 minutes. Just enough time to chop the veggies, thread them up and off you go! Whether you are feeding just the family or a bigger group, these can be made quite cheaply and it is so easy to serve. If you are using chicken, it is a good idea to use metal skewers as they ensure the meat is cooked right through.

Pinchos Puerto Rico Marinated Grilled Chicken Kebabs

– Low Carb Yum

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Photo Credit: Lisa from Low Carb Yum

Ingredients: garlic, Himalayan salt, ground black pepper, fresh oregano, extra-virgin olive oil, lime juice, chicken breast.

This is a fantastic recipe for anyone who is a bit worried about grilling chicken, as the lime in the marinade will start to cure or ‘cook’ the meat as it soaks. It also gives the meat that zingy taste of summer, making these kebabs popular for family barbecues. If you have any leftovers, serve them up next day on top of a fresh salad for a delicious light meal.

Easy Italian Dressing Grilled Chicken

– Cook Eat Paleo

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Photo Credit: Lisa from Cook Eat Paleo

Ingredients: chicken breasts, paleo Italian dressing (Italian flat leaf parsley, dried oregano, garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.

This recipe gives you all the traditional flavors of an Italian dressing, but making your own means that you are in charge of the ingredients and the flavor. If you really like garlic, throw in some extra for an added kick! This chicken tastes wonderful once it is cold too, so you can use it shredded in lettuce wraps or with a simple green salad.

Lemon Herb Chicken Kabob

– Healy Eats Real

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Photo Credit: Hannah from Healy Eats Real

Ingredients: olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, dried oregano, dried rosemary, sea salt, black pepper, cayenne, chicken breast, bell peppers, zucchini, red onion, cherry tomatoes.

Chicken and citrus go really well together and this dish is no exception. The garlic, lemon and oregano give the meat a real Mediterranean flavor. This dish would be ideal for a summer barbecue and the recipe is versatile – change the veggies for your favorites, or use pork or shrimp instead of the chicken. Just remember to soak wooden skewers before loading them or they can burn.

Sauteed Keto Chicken Breasts

Keto Chicken Hash With Coconut Dijon Sauce

– Keto Summit

Keto Chicken Hash Recipe with Coconut Dijon Sauce #keto

Ingredients: chicken breasts, onion, carrots, leek, coconut oil, salt, pepper, coconut dijon sauce.

Although it is already full of flavor from the chicken and vegetables, this hash comes to life by using the coconut Dijon sauce! It is packed with taste and has gentle heat from the Dijon mustard and is full of healthy fats from the coconut butter, so don’t just use it on this recipe – make a bigger batch and use it on every chicken dish you make!

Keto Curried Chicken Salad

– Keto Summit

Paleo Lunch Box Ideas #paleo -

Ingredients: chicken breast, onion, coconut oil, red bell pepper, zucchini or cucumber, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, coconut cream, curry powder, salt, cilantro, lettuce leaves.

Here is a light and delicious meal that the whole family can enjoy, right down to the youngest ones! Imagine sitting down to a bowl of curried chicken salad, scooping it into lettuce leaf wraps and munching it down – perfect for picnics, lunches with friends or packed in a lunchbox to take to work. You can choose how hot the curry powder is, so spice it up to suit your own palate.

Easy Keto Mustard Chicken with Radishes and Spinach

– Keto Summit

Easy Keto Mustard Chicken with Radishes and Spinach
Ingredients: chicken breasts, avocado oil, mustard, garlic, radishes, spinach, salt.

Here is another quick and easy recipe that gives you a meal packed with flavor and texture. The chicken is enhanced by the flavor of the mustard and the spinach add in the necessary iron and goodness. If you find radishes a bit too spicy or harsh, you could try using Japanese white radishes as they have a much milder flavor but cook in the same way.

Basil Chicken Saute

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breast, garlic, chili pepper, basil leaves, water, gluten-free tamari sauce, avocado oil or coconut oil, salt.

Sautés and stir- fries can be just what you need for a quick and easy midweek meal as they take so little time to prepare and cook. This dish takes only a few minutes to get table-ready and can be eaten as it is for a light lunch or served over a bed of cauliflower rice for a more filling and substantial dinner. You will love how the basil leaves give fresh aromatic flavors to this sauté.

Spicy Chicken Sauté Tossed with Avocado

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breasts, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, salt, black pepper, avocado, green bell pepper, olive oil, mustard, coconut oil.

This recipe gives you a plateful of color and superb texture combinations, from the meaty, spicy chicken chunks to the smoothness of the avocado. Because this dish only takes a few minutes to prepare and cook, it would be a great meal for a midweek dinner after a busy day when you just need something warming and flavorful!

Chicken Nuggets

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breasts, coconut flour, egg, garlic powder, salt, ghee or coconut oil.

Even the thought of chicken nuggets can make your mouth water, especially when the coating has garlic in it! These are an ideal way to get the kids involved in healthier eating options. This recipe says to fry the nuggets in ghee, but if you do not to add any fats at all they can be baked instead. Serve with a homemade tomato ketchup and let the whole family enjoy!

Easy Paleo Chicken Pepper Stir-Fry

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: bell peppers, chicken breasts, gluten-free tamari soy sauce or coconut aminos, chili powder, salt, pepper, coconut oil.

Do you come home at night and can’t be bothered cooking much? Then this is a quick and easy recipe to give you a tasty and colorful dinner. You can use cooked chicken here, or cook up a couple of sliced chicken breasts to add to the peppers. Try using different peppers to add color as we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths!

Garlic Jalapeno Chicken Saute

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breast, jalapenos, garlic, coconut oil, salt, pepper.

Like most sauté dishes, this simple on takes only a few minutes to cook. It is spicy and tasty, perfect for a chilly day served for a quick lunch, or served on a bed of cauliflower rice for a more satisfying main meal. If you are not too keen on very spicy food, just leave out the jalapeno seeds for a milder chilli flavor.

Lemon Sesame Pistachio Crusted Chicken

– The Healthy Foodie

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Photo Credit: Sonia from The Healthy Foodie

Ingredients: chicken breasts, lemons, cooking oil of your choice, pistachios, sesame seeds, dried parsley, onion powder, chipotle powder, Himalayan salt, ground black pepper, ground cumin, ground coriander, zest of lemon.

Chicken is an excellent meat to feed your family and it doesn’t have to be boring – using a crust like this one makes it so impressive you could serve it for a special dinner or celebration. Just imagine serving up delicious moist chicken with an aromatic and super-tasty crust! During cooking, the lemon wedges infuse the meat with their flavor and help to keep it juicy.

Crockpot or Pressure Cooker Keto Chicken Breasts

Keto Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup

– Keto Summit

Keto Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup

Ingredients: chicken breasts, olive oil, red onion, cumin powder, cayenne pepper, garlic, dried oregano, chicken broth, tomatoes (diced & sliced), yellow bell pepper, salt, pepper, avocado, cilantro, chili pepper.

This dish is filled with the flavor of Mexican cuisine, mostly because of the cumin which is popular there and has various health benefits including aiding digestion. The chicken in this dish stays really moist and juicy and it does not take any effort to shred it once it is cooked. You can serve this with cauliflower rice or paleo tortillas.

A word on tomatoes – they’re one of the best fruits you can eat on keto (yes, they’re a fruit!).  According to Registered Dietitian Megan Ware RDN, LD, “A tomato is a nutrient-dense superfood that offers benefit to a range of bodily systems. Its nutritional content supports healthful skin, weight loss, and heart health.”

Slow Cooker Bacon & Chicken

– Paleo Flourish

Slow Cooker Bacon & Chicken

Ingredients: chicken breasts, bacon, thyme (dried), oregano (dried), rosemary (dried), olive oil, salt.

Chicken and bacon go so well together and using the slow cooker makes this such an easy dish to prepare, ideal if you have a busy day ahead. Just put the ingredients in the slow cooker and cook for 8 hours, then it only takes minutes to prepare a tasty meal. This recipe uses dried herbs which are ideal, but if you are not keen on this combination then just use a combination of your favorite herbs, such as dried parsley.

Easy Pressure Cooker Shredded Chicken Taco Meat

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breasts, bell peppers, onion, paprika, garlic powder, cumin powder, chili powder, ghee or coconut oil, salt, black pepper.

This recipe gives you juicy and tender shredded chicken that is generously spiced with earthy cumin and has a gentle heat from the chilli powder, resulting in tasty and delicious meat to serve either on its own with some homemade guacamole, or served in lettuce leaves for a flavorful light lunch. The overall appearance can be brightened if you use different colored bell peppers.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken

– Skinny Ms.

Ingredients: chicken breasts, tomatoes, onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, dried oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, ground black pepper, salt.

Just imagine walking into the house after a busy day and being greeted with the aroma of fresh herbs and balsamic chicken and knowing you have dinner all ready! This is definitely comfort food, full of amazing flavors, and easy to serve with a simple green salad or over some cauliflower rice for a warming and satisfying meal.

Slow Cooker Split Chicken Breasts with Onions and Mushrooms

– The B Keep Us Honest

Ingredients: onions, mushrooms, chicken breasts, chicken broth, thyme, salt, pepper.

The thyme in this recipe is perfect with the chicken and gives a lovely earthy flavor to the meat. However, if you’re not keen then you could try using rosemary instead. This is a versatile recipe as far as the mushrooms go too, but the heavier, meatier mushrooms give a better result in a slow cooker.

Other Keto Chicken Breasts

Keto Stuffed Chicken Breast

– Keto Summit

Keto Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe #keto

Ingredients: cauliflower, keto pesto (olive oil, basil leaves, pine nuts or walnuts, garlic, lemon zest and juice), chicken breasts, salt, ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, coconut oil.

Because of the golden brown color on this chicken dish, it looks so yummy before you even try it! Then when you cut into it and are greeted with mouthfuls of tender meat with soft and flavorsome stuffing, you will put this recipe down in your favorites section! If you don’t have a meat mallet you can use a rolling pin or even a pan to pound the chicken flat ready for rolling.

Asian Chicken Wraps with Tahini Tamari Sauce [Paleo, Keto]

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breast, bell pepper, cucumber, zucchini, cilantro leaves, coconut oil or olive oil or avocado oil, tahini paste, tamari sauce, romaine lettuce leaves.

Here is the perfect do-it-yourself lunch for a summertime family picnic! Just arrange the meat and vegetables on a plate and allow each family member to construct their own wraps according to their taste. This can be a good way to encourage youngsters and reluctant veggie-dodgers to try different textures and flavors as the crunchy vegetables are often preferred to cooked ones!

Garlic Ghee Baked Chicken Breast

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breast, garlic powder, ghee or coconut oil or olive oil, garlic, sea salt, chives.

Cooking meat like chicken in cooking foil is the best way to ensure the meat stays juicy and tender and allows the chicken to absorb the flavor of the garlic. The resulting chicken breast can be eaten hot or cold, served with a salad or simply with a salsa, and it also makes an excellent dish for your lunchbox for work. Fresh herbs could also be added to the garlic and ghee to boost the flavor even more!

Paleo Chicken Kiev

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breasts, garlic, ghee, coconut flour, egg, garlic powder, salt.

Chicken Kiev has been one of my favorite dishes since childhood, so once grown up with kids, I was encouraged to make my own. Well, because I had used cocktail sticks to keep the chicken together, they resembled a Sputnik! Then I found this recipe and my prayers were answered! Paleo Kiev has been my garlicky go-to for years and I hope you enjoy it too.

Coconut Curry Chicken Fingers or Tenders

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Ingredients: chicken breasts, coconut flour, curry powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, garlic powder, salt.

These chicken fingers are quite easy to make and would be ideal for a weekend lunch. With all the Asian-inspired spices used here, this would even make a lovely appetizer at an Indian dinner party. The chicken fingers can be eaten with cutlery or without – finger foods for a kids’ lunch? Just team this with a paleo tomato sauce or mayonnaise and everyone will enjoy dipping these spiced treats!

Greek-Inspired Baked Chicken Breast

– The Paleo Mom

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom

Ingredients: chicken breast, lemon zest, garlic, dried oregano or fresh oregano, salt, extra virgin coconut oil or butter or ghee.

As you already know, citrus goes really well with poultry, and when you add in the Greek-inspired seasonings you get a deliciously fresh flavor to the chicken. Other cuts of chicken can also be used, for example thighs, which can help cut down the cost if you are working to a budget. If you have preserved lemons you can use them instead of fresh ones and slices make a lovely garnish to the finished dish.

Keto Chicken en Papillote (aka Lemon Chicken in a Bag!)

– Wicked Stuffed

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Photo Credit: Amanda from Wicked Stuffed

Ingredients: chicken breasts, lemon, sprigs of thyme, parchment paper, salt, pepper.

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best, and although there are only a few ingredients used here, cooking the chicken in a bag really intensifies the flavors. This makes a wonderfully impressive main for a dinner party – simply place each bag on a plate and let your guests open their own and inhale all the aromas of the dish.

Almond Strawberry Stuffed Chicken Breast

– Civilized Caveman

Ingredients: chicken breasts, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, fresh strawberries, red onion, slivered almonds, baby spinach, cinnamon, coconut oil.

What an amazing dish this is! One of my favorite meals involves balsamic vinegar and strawberries, and you will find the vinegar raises the flavor of the fruit and, together with the crunchy nut slivers and caramelized onions, this is a feast of flavors for you to enjoy! The tender, juicy chicken holds a wonderful surprise when you cut into it and the stuffing is revealed!

Keto Chicken Breast Recipes


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