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023: Carrie Brown on What Does Keto Have To Do With MTHFR?

Louise | March 4
WHAT DOES KETO HAVE TO DO WITH MTHFR? - Carrie Brown - Keto Summit Show

Carrie Brown is an ex-professional pastry-chef-turned-cookbook-author-recipe-developer-freelance-photographer with a crazy, 4-country, 3-continent-spanning resume which includes such things as a chocolate TV show, a chocolate cookbook, and making pastries for the Queen of England.

She is a food and lifestyle blogger, cookbook author, recipe developer, and photographer, working to spread the word about the amazing benefits of – and help people live – a ketogenic lifestyle.

Carrie has published 5 cookbooks that will make eating healthy and losing weight the most delicious – and simple – thing you ever do. Carrie openly share tales of food, travel, and adventure, as well as her trials and triumphs with Bipolar Disorder.

In this episode, Carrie Brown talks about:

  • Carrie’s health journey
  • Genetic testing and MTHFR gene
  • Using supplements for methylation issues
  • What to do if you can’t afford genetic testing
  • What Carrie’s diet looks like now

Featured Guest

Carrie Brown

Links Discussed:

Carrie’s Website
Carrie’s blog post discussing DNA testing and interpreting the results
Carrie’s Story
Carrie’s Facebook Group


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