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30+ Recipes for Thirst-Quenching Keto Drinks

Louise | August 23
Ketogenic Drinks Recipes

Starting the day with a big green smoothie, grabbing a latte on the way to work, enjoying a cocktail or mocktail for a special occasion…

Often, we don’t really think about how much the things we drink are part of our routine.

But when you’re making the switch to keto, it’s not just about the food:

You have to think about the things you drink, too!

And to make the transition easier for you, we’ve gathered together a great selection of low carb drink recipes for you.

Here are just a few of the swaps you could try:

  • Switch a regular latte for a Coconut Milk Latte
  • Use the Keto Electrolyte Drink to get you through keto flu
  • When you’re craving a smoothie, try our Keto Green Smoothie
  • And we’ve got a Strawberry-Lime Margarita for when you’re in the mood for a celebration

And there’s more, too:

  • Tea recipes which are perfect for a relaxing afternoon ritual
  • Detox beverages, like a Ginger Detox Shot for fighting colds and flu
  • A nourishing Supercharged Mineral Chicken Broth
  • Plus different types of flavored water (Rosemary Mint Soda or Zingy Salted Lime, anyone?)

You can read these recipes here or download them as a list by clicking on the green button below.

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Table Of Contents – Ketogenic Drinks Recipes

thirst quencing keto drinks

Keto Tea Drink Recipes

Chamomile Mint Tea

– Paleo FlourishChamomile mint tea makes a great keto drinkIngredients: chamomile flowers, peppermint, water.

Throughout history, chamomile tea has been given to people who were not feeling so good. It has a relaxing effect and can help you get to sleep at night. This makes it perfect for helping you to unwind after a busy or stressful day. You do not have to use peppermint in this recipe – just use your favorite mint to adapt the recipe to suit you.

Lemon Thyme Infused Iced Tea

– Paleo FlourishLemon thyme infused sweet tea keto drinkIngredients: black tea, lemon thyme.

There are fewer more refreshing drinks than a good low carb iced tea! And they’re so easy to make at home where you are in control of what’s in them. The lemon thyme adds a subtle lemon and herb taste to the tea that’s refreshing and light. It’s a lovely summertime keto drink recipe that will help keep you cool!

Turmeric Ginger Lime Tea

– Paleo FlourishTry this great keto drink Turmeric ginger lime teaIngredients: lime, turmeric root, ginger.

This nourishing Keto drink is more like an infusion than a tea, yet it still has all the goodness of turmeric and ginger. It’s a wonderfully reviving beverage if you are not feeling too great. Turmeric tea has long been used in Indian households as a remedy for colds and tummy problems. Adding the lime to this recipe provides a much fresher flavor.

Honeysuckle Tea

– Primally Inspired

Ingredients: honeysuckle flowers, water, ice.

Honeysuckle has several health-giving properties. It is used in Chinese medicine as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. And because of its natural sweetness, it makes a wonderful keto iced tea drink for hot summer days. Bruising the flowers before you make this helps to release the flavors and this can be done by gently pressing on them with a rolling pin. Why not ask a friend with a honeysuckle bush if you can pick the flowers, then you get the drink for free!

Iced Rooibos Tea with Chia Seeds

– Kokopaleo

Ingredients: teabags or tea leaves, chia seeds, water.

If you have never used chia seeds before, you might find them unusual at first, but chia seeds are a nutritious additive to this drink. Rooibos tea is a plant that is caffeine-free but produces a red tea that has a vaguely similar flavor to traditional black tea. If you would prefer a fruity edge to this keto-friendly drink you could add in some crushed raspberries as they go really well with the tea flavor.

Iced Green Tea Mojito

– Primally Inspired

Ingredients: green tea, mojito mint leaves or spearmint or peppermint, cucumber, lime juice, sweetener of choice (use stevia), ice, lime (optional), mint leaves (optional).

Many green tea varieties can be helpful for those with digestive issues and can also assist with detoxifying the body. When teamed with lime and mint they can simply be used as a thirst-quenching keto drink that has such fresh flavors, it’s bound to leave you feeling rehydrated.

Keto Coffee Drink Recipes

Cacao Coffee Recipe

– A Girl Worth SavingCacao coffee is a delicious keto drinkIngredients: cacao nibs, water, gelatin, coconut oil, cinnamon.Photo Credit: Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving

Cacao coffee is a great idea for those of us who don’t tolerate caffeine too well as the levels are super-low in this recipe! With a subtle hint of spice from the cinnamon, this keto coffee can be enjoyed on chilly days to warm you. Don’t worry about adding the gelatin – although it is really good for you, if you don’t want to use it, just miss it out!

Coconut Milk Latte

– Steph Gaudreau

Ingredients: coffee, coconut cream or coconut milk, cinnamon (optional).

This is a versatile keto coffee recipe as it can be made with almond milk if you are not a coconut fan, or you could serve it iced as a refreshing long drink for a hot day. The cinnamon is optional but it does add a gentle warmth which goes really well with coffee. If you use coconut cream you even get the frothy head that you would expect on a latte!

Dirty Chai

– A Girl Worth SavingTry one of our most popular keto drinks: dirty chaiIngredients: coffee beans, peppercorn, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, water.Photo Credit: Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving

This keto coffee has such a great hit of spice that it is almost a Christmassy flavor in a cup! The ginger and cinnamon are warming as well as healthy for you and can be enjoyed at any time, but especially if you have a cold or are a bit run down. The gentle heat and lively flavor of this keto drink recipe are great for relaxing you and lifting your spirits!

Keto Flavored Water Drink Recipes

Zingy Salted Lime Soda

– Paleo FlourishZingy salted lime soda keto drinkIngredients: lime, seltzer water, salt.

This is the perfect drink to keep in the fridge for hot summer days as it is fresh in flavor and with the small amount of salt added, can really help with rehydration. To make this drink look even more appealing you could dip the rim of the glass in some lime juice and then in salt, making it look like a fancy keto summer cocktail!

Easy Flavored Water

– Paleo FlourishEasy flavored water keto drinkIngredients: lime, blueberries, raspberries, blackberry.

It has been noticed over the past few years that store-bought flavored waters can often have hidden additives that make it an unhealthy option, so why not make your own at home! Using fresh berries and citrus can help with hydration and can even encourage children to drink more water without taking in flavorings or preservatives. Perfect for a hot summer day, this keto flavored water served over ice is a great way to stay cool too!

Cucumber Basil Ice Cubes

– Paleo FlourishCucumber basil ice cubes keto drinkIngredients: cucumber, basil leaves, lime juice, water.

This might not quite be one of our keto drink recipes, but it certainly adds some interest to a simple beverage. Flavored ice cubes can look amazing when you serve them at a party, but these ones can even be used simply to flavor water for you to drink at home. The basil leaves will give off a fresh aroma as they thaw, lending an air of sophistication to your low carb drink!

Cucumber Lime Water

– Paleo FlourishTry this refreshing Cucumber lime water keto drinkIngredients: cucumber, lime, water.

Cucumber is a cooling vegetable and makes a great addition to use as a flavor for water, especially for hot summer days. Adding the lime gives a zingy freshness to make these keto drinks even more refreshing. You can make this in a jug or buy a water bottle with an infuser in the middle. This bottle will hold the cucumber in the water and let it release flavor without it hindering you from drinking the water.

Rosemary Mint Soda

– Slim PalateRosemary mint soda keto drinkIngredients: mineral water or soda water, rosemary, mint, lime.Photo Credit: Joshua from Slim Palate

This drink is probably better suited to the adult palate as it has the flavors of the rosemary and mint, making it a great drink to serve at parties. Flavored soda waters can also be a great way to wean yourself off the over-sweetened fizzy beverages you have been taking, especially if you gradually reduce the amount of sweetening agent you add. Serve with ice in a tall glass and enjoy!

Keto Shakes and Smoothie Drink Recipes

Keto Green Smoothie

– Keto SummitGreen smoothies make the best keto drinkIngredients: spinach (or kale), almonds, brazil nuts, coconut milk, greens powder.

Getting more greens into your Keto diet is always a good thing. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy keto breakfast smoothie recipe, then this one is it! It’s packed with nutrition too, so you can start your day right.

Blueberry, Avocado, and Green Tea Shake With Raw Eggs

– Paleo FlourishBlueberry avocado and green tea with raw eggs keto drinkIngredients: eggs, avocado, almonds, blueberries, green tea, ice.

This keto shake is designed for anyone who is an athlete, works out a lot or just needs to start the day with a protein boost. It has a smooth and creamy texture and has the natural sweetness from the blueberries. These also give it an amazing color! If you are doubtful about the raw eggs, just be careful to use the best you can get and wash them first.

Refreshing Cucumber Celery Lime Smoothie

– Paleo FlourishRefreshing cucumber celery limeIngredients: celery, cucumber, lime juice, water, ice.

Cucumber and celery have such fresh flavors and the zing from the lime livens up this keto smoothie recipe! This green drink is such an amazing color that even the fussiest members of the family will want to try it.

Keto Alcoholic Drink Recipes

Low-Carb Vodka and Sprite

– Better Than Bread Keto

Ingredients: vodka, zevia, ice.

With this simple drink, you can stay in ketosis while still enjoying an alcoholic beverage with friends. This is so simple, many bartenders can make it for you – just replace the zevia with sparkling water.

Low-Carb Mulled Wine

– Keto Diet App

Ingredients: dry red wine, orange, cranberries, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, keto sweetener.

This is a classic during the winter months and you won’t have to miss out this holiday season with this simple homemade mulled wine recipe. Just make sure to use a drink red wine and to add plenty of spices to enhance the flavor.

Keto Electrolyte Drink Recipes

The Healthiest Keto Electrolyte Drink

– The Nourished CavemanThe healthiest keto drink with electrolytesIngredients: Celtic sea salt, unsweetened aloe vera juice, lemon juice, spring water.Photo Credit: Vivica from The Nourished Caveman

This beverage is great for boosting your electrolytes after a workout regardless of whether you are following a ketogenic diet! Aloe vera juice has a fresh tart flavor and when added to the lemon juice, it makes this drink a great thirst quencher. It is important to add the sea salt as sodium levels can fall quite fast during exercise and it adds a different level to the taste of the drink.

Keto Homemade Electrolyte Drink (Lemon, orange, lime)

– Sugar-free Mom

Ingredients: water, lemon juice, ginger, sea salt.

This simple electrolyte drink recipe comes with various flavor variations so you can make sure you get your vitamins and minerals while enjoying a delicious Keto drink.

Ketoaide Drink

– The Keto Engineer

Ingredients: salt, magnesium citrate, water, flavoring (e.g., MiO).

When you first start a Keto diet, your body will find it hard to retain enough water. This is why it’s important to have a Keto aid (Ketoaide) drink several times a day to keep your electrolytes up.

Homemade Electrolyte Drink

– Keto Diet App

Ingredients: water or herbal tea, lemon or lime juice, potassium chloride, sea salt, magnesium supplement, keto sweetener.

If you’re suffering from Keto flu, then making sure you replenish your electrolytes can really help lessen the symptoms. So give this recipe a go and say shorten that painful carb flu period.

Keto Lemonade Recipes

Low-Carb Summer Raspberry Lemonade

– Keto Diet App

Ingredients: lemon juice, lime juice, raspberries, water, Keto sweetener, mint.

Welcome the summer with this refreshing Keto lemonade. You won’t get kicked out of ketosis by all that excess sugar in traditional lemonades, but you’ll still get to enjoy that citrusy freshness.

Sugar-Free Sparkling Lemonade

– My Keto Kitchen

Ingredients: water, sparkling water, lemon juice, Swerve, ice cubes, lemon.

This Keto lemonade is super simple to make and so refreshing to drink on a warm summer evening.

Keto Cocktail Recipes

Low Carb Cucumber Mojitos

– Peace, Love and Low Carb

Ingredients: cucumber, mint leaves, lime, lime juice, erythritol, white rum, soda water.

If you’re missing a traditional cocktail but don’t want all the sugar that normally comes with it, then this is the drink you’ve been waiting for.

Low Carb Bloody Mary Infused Vodka

– My Life Cookbook

Ingredients: grape tomatoes, celery, jalapeño, garlic, black peppercorns, coriander seed, celery seed, vodka.

This clever drink uses all the flavors of a Blood Mary but infuses it into a vodka. So you can skip all the carbs in the tomato sauce but still enjoy the taste. Just make sure you start on this recipe early as it takes a week to infuse the flavors into the vodka.

Keto Low-Carb Sugar-Free Lemon Drop Vodka Martini Cocktails

– Stay Snatched

Ingredients: vodka, ice, sugar-free lemon syrup, lemon, keto sweetener.

If you want to spice up your evenings with a fancy cocktail, then give this one a try. Serve in a martini glass and enjoy!

Other Recipes for Keto Drinks

Strawberry-Lime Margarita

– The Paleo Couple

Ingredients: strawberries, lime juice, seltzer water or mineral water, sea salt, and lime wedges.

This keto drinks recipe is the perfect way to use frozen strawberries and serving this beverage in a salt-rimmed glass makes it look like a ! So why not run up a batch next time you are entertaining friends? Obviously, this would also make a great ‘mocktail’ for the designated driver!

Berry Lemon ACV Drink Recipe

– Primally Inspired

Ingredients: berries, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ice, water, sweetener of choice (optional – use stevia).

Apple cider vinegar has been linked to many health benefits including helping with heartburn. So, why not give it a try like in this keto drink. This is a versatile recipe as you can use whatever berries you like – this one uses raspberries, but blueberries and blackberries also work really well. Add in some stevia if you think it needs sweetening, but fresh berries are often sweet enough.

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Supercharged Mineral Chicken Broth

– The Nourished CavemanThis ummy keto drink is supercharged mineral chicken brothIngredients: chicken broth, onions or shallots, garlic, herbs, peppercorns, bay leaves, Celtic sea salt, apple cider vinegar, water.Photo Credit: Vivica from The Nourished Caveman

Using the feet and bones of the chicken to make this broth may put you off a bit, but remember that they give us the benefit of chondroitin which helps keep the joints supple. The apple cider vinegar helps aid digestion and overall it makes this keto chicken broth taste amazing! It is warming and satisfying and can be used to help anyone with a cold or flu, giving them much-needed nutrition if they are off their food.

The Ginger Detox Shot

– Linda Wagner

Ingredients: lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, stevia.

Is your system in need of a cleanse? Beverages that can help you to detox can be really helpful in bringing your body back to full health and can help with healing or preventing colds and flu. This keto-friendly power drink has the citrus hit from the lemon and the heat from the ginger and you can even spice it even more by adding chilies if you like it super spicy!

Homemade Sugar-Free Ginger Beer

– Keto Diet App

Ingredients: ginger, lemons, keto sweetener, sparkling water.

You can enjoy this classic drink by itself or as the base for cocktails.

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