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47 Essential Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Recipes

Louise Hendon | May 9
47 Essential Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Recipes

Doubling up on Keto and AIP recipes can be a fantastic way to balance your blood sugar and promote gut health. If you’re currently on AIP and looking to expand to Keto (or vice versa), we’ve put together a helpful introductory list of great recipes that adhere to both dietary plans.

With over 40 recipes to choose from, this list has all the tools you need to kick-start a Keto AIP lifestyle. With delicious breakfast recipes like homemade coconut yogurt to dinner favorites like chicken casserole, you’ll even find a few delicious sweets recipes on this list like cucumber lime gummy snacks, perfect for an anytime treat.

Here are just a few of the Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Recipes we’ve included:

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Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Breakfasts

Instant Pot Coconut Milk Yogurt

– Healing Autoimmune

Instant Pot Coconut Yogurt Recipe

Ingredients: full fat coconut milk, probiotics.

This recipe is a step-by-step guide to making your own coconut yogurt which you can then use to make healthy breakfast dishes and snacks, no matter what diet you are following, AIP, Keto or Paleo! The result is creamy and smooth and you can add sweeteners if you prefer. Plain coconut yogurt can also be a base for creamy curry sauces and can be used in soups.

Keto Breakfast Stack

– Keto Summit

Keto Breakfast Stack Recipe

Ingredients: bacon (AIP-compliant), ground pork, ground chicken, Italian seasoning, salt, flat mushrooms (like portobello), avocado.

Here is a lovely meaty breakfast you can enjoy instead of your usual AIP cereals or dairy-free pancakes. It is made with a mushroom base and piled high with strips of crispy bacon and meat patties contrasting with slices of smooth and creamy avocado. This recipe is not strictly AIP-compliant, but the omissions are clearly stated for ease of understanding.

A tip on choosing and using avocados for your guacamole comes from Nutritionist Jo Lewin.  “Avocados are best eaten when they are perfectly ripe. To achieve this, leave them at room temperature for anything up to a week and feel them gently from time to time. When ripe, avocados should feel slightly soft when you apply some pressure.”

Savory Breakfast Cookies (aka Flattened Biscuits)

– The Curious Coconut

Autoimmune Paleo Savory Breakfast Cookies (aka Flattened Biscuits)

Photo Credit: The Curious Coconut

Ingredients: coconut flour, baking soda, unrefined salt, dried rosemary, dried granulated garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, gelatin, filtered water, apple cider vinegar.

These must be about the most adaptable cookies ever as they are egg, grain and dairy-free and suitable for just about every diet plan there is! The texture is light and fluffy, but with a bit of a crunch, and they definitely taste best warm from the oven. These cookies are low in carbs but higher in healthy fats, making them great for breakfast as they will fill you up and keep you going till lunch.

Bacon-Beef Liver Pâté with Rosemary and Thyme

– Autoimmune Wellness

Ingredients: uncured bacon, onion, garlic, beef liver, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, coconut oil, sea salt, cucumber.

Getting organ meats into our diet can be a great idea as they are a good source of nutrition, but the taste can be off-putting. That’s why recipes like this one for AIP paté can be really useful as you can mask the liver taste with bacon and herbs. This dish is rich in flavor and has a smooth texture and I like to serve it as an appetizer for a dinner party, either with AIP-friendly crackers or veggie sticks.

Paleo AIP Sausage Breakfast Hash

– The Health Nut Mama

Paleo AIP Sausage Breakfast Hash

Photo Credit: The Health Nut Mama

Ingredients: ground pork or ground beef, dried sage, dried thyme, onion powder, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil or duck fat, spinach, leek, mushrooms, squash or zucchini.

Here is another versatile AIP-friendly recipe that you can make ahead of time and reheat for breakfast through the week. It is a combination of ground beef or pork and veggies, seasoned with herbs and makes a filling start to the day. For those people living the paleo lifestyle, you could make it even more filling by serving it with eggs for extra protein.

Herbed Beef Breakfast Patties

– The Curious Coconut

Herbed Beef Breakfast Patties

Photo Credit: The Curious Coconut

Ingredients: ground beef, dried ground sage, dried marjoram, granulated garlic, granulated onion, ground ginger, ground unrefined salt.

If you are following the auto-immune protocol these super-easy breakfast patties can be a nutrient-rich start to your day. There is no need for a binding ingredient like egg as they hold together just fine without it. The flavor of the beef is really enhanced by the dried herbs and there is no need to restrict these to breakfast-time – they make great burgers on top of a Portobello mushroom!

Kale and Butternut Squash Hash

– Livin’ the Crunchy Life

Ingredients: butternut squash, kale, onion, garlic, coconut oil, rosemary, salt, pepper (omit), lemon.

If you know you have a busy day ahead, it might be a good idea to fill up at breakfast on a dish that will give you enough energy to get through the morning. This hash can be the answer as it is filling but not heavy. This Paleo meal can also be made even heartier if you add in some sausage or crispy bacon or top it with a fried egg!

AIP Granola

– AIP Lifestyle

Ingredients: coconut flakes, coconut oil, coconut manna, orange zest, cinnamon, salt.

There is a real zesty note to the flavor of this granola, giving it added freshness that may be missing from other recipes. The orange zest also goes really well with the cinnamon, giving this a taste of the holidays! You can add in dried fruit as well, although this will raise the levels of sugar. This granola can be served as a cereal or pressed into a tray and cut into AIP granola bars.


– Cupcakes OMG

Ingredients: acorn squash, coconut milk, unsweetened shredded coconut or coconut flakes, cinnamon, ground ginger.

When you taste this amazing ‘oatmeal’ you will never believe that it is made with squash! It is much lighter than traditional oatmeal but it still has the lovely texture from the coconut. This makes a hearty and warming Paleo and AIP-friendly breakfast, perfect for a chilly day when you need some central heating before you leave the house! Just top with some berries for a truly satisfying meal.

Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Snacks

AIP Bread Rolls

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Bread Rolls Recipe

Ingredients: coconut oil, coconut flour, baking soda, Italian seasoning, salt, gelatin, hot water.

It can be so satisfying if you can serve your family a home-cooked meal, right down to the bread rolls! These little AIP and Paleo rolls are simple to make and are delicious on their own, but I like to serve these with a warming bowl of homemade soup. This recipe gives you two rolls, but it is quite easy to double up the ingredients to make a larger batch if you are entertaining.

AIP Asian Stuffed Mushrooms

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Asian Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Ingredients: white button mushrooms, ground chicken, green onions, garlic, ginger, coconut aminos, salt, apple cider vinegar.

These amazing stuffed mushrooms are packed with Asian-inspired flavors and would make a perfect appetizer for a themed dinner. The AIP-friendly stuffing is chicken flavored with the classic tastes of garlic and ginger and the soy alternative, coconut aminos, which gives the same taste but without the soy. Serve these with a simple dipping sauce for an impressive dish

Creamy AIP Cucumber Salad

– Healing Autoimmune

Creamy AIP Cucumber Salad

Ingredients: cucumber, coconut cream, lemon juice, salt.

Creamy salads like this one usually involve heavy cream or mayonnaise which can be a no-no on the AIP diet, but this recipe can show you how to make it fit! Simply using coconut cream and lemon juice can take the place of dairy products, yet keeping the cool and creamy salad tasty and delicious! I also like to serve this with curries or spiced meats, especially for guests, as it can cool the spices down for those who don’t like it hot.

5-Minute Sardines Salad

– Keto Summit

5-Minute Sardines Salad Recipe

Ingredients: sardines in olive oil or brine, salad greens, deli meat or bacon or leftover meat, olive oil, lemon juice, salt.

This is such a quick and easy Ketogenic recipe to prepare that it could be your emergency go-to when you are short on time, or if someone drops in unexpectedly for lunch! Sardines are packed with goodness and have a distinctive flavor and meaty texture. So, along with the bacon, this salad is filling and meaty, yet light enough to enjoy for a quick lunch.

AIP Cauliflower Dip

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Cauliflower Dip

Ingredients: cauliflower, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, radishes, cucumber sticks.

Dips are often served at parties or celebrations, but if you are following the autoimmune protocol they might be a thing to avoid. So why not make your own dip, then you don’t have to miss out! The cauliflower blitzes into the perfect paste for dipping and the roasted garlic has a sweeter flavor than raw garlic, so don’t skip that step! Serve this with whatever veggie sticks you like

AIP Lime Pickled Radishes

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Lime Pickled Radishes

Ingredients: radishes, lime juice.

Here is another simple yet tasty AIP side dish that fits into a Keto diet too. This pickle dish is so fresh and can help to liven up a plain meal like grilled chicken as it has a good citrus kick which contrasts the cooling radish slices. It can also be served as one of many side dishes with an Asian-inspired meal such as an Indian or Thai curry.

5-Min Super Easy Keto Guacamole

– Keto Summit

5-Min Super Easy Keto Guacamole Recipe

Ingredients: avocado, garlic powder, onion powder, lime juice, salt, fresh or dried cilantro.

This is one of the easiest recipes ever! It only takes five minutes to make a super-delicious guacamole, so this would be a great recipe if you have friends who drop in unexpectedly and you need to provide a snack, or when you are settling down to watch the game! This tastes amazing when served with low-carb tortilla chips or with vegetable crudites.

Keto Cucumber Lime Gummy Snacks

– Keto Summit

Keto Cucumber Lime Gummy Snacks Recipe

Ingredients: cucumber, fresh mint leaves or mint tea leaves, lime juice, gelatin powder.

When I first saw the ingredients in these little gummy snacks, I just thought how refreshing these would be for a hot, summer day. With the cool cucumber, fresh mint and zingy lime, these would be so tasty and could be a good way to encourage even the smallest members of the family to increase their gelatine intake. If you don’t have silicone molds you can use an ice cube tray.

Italian Tuna Mousse

– Adventures in Partaking

Italian Tuna Mousse

Photo Credit: Adventures in Partaking

Ingredients: baby spinach, parsley, dried oregano, lime, avocado, tuna in olive oil.

This amazing AIP-friendly mousse can be made as smooth or as textured as you prefer, which makes it suitable to use as a dip or spread. It takes just a few minutes to make and can be made quite cheaply, yet is a delicious and tasty dish to serve at a party with crudités. If you can’t get tuna in oil, buy the one in water and drain well first, then you can add some olive oil to the mixture later.

Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Dinners

AIP Italian Burgers

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Italian Burgers Recipe

Ingredients: ground beef, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder.

This is one of the simplest burger recipes out there and it is totally adaptable to any kind of eating plan. Sometimes simple is best – mix the meat and seasoning, form the patties and cook! A tasty, auto-immune-compliant meal which is ready in minutes! If the weather is not grilling-friendly, you can shallow fry these burgers indoors, but they make a lovely dish for a family barbecue!

Keto Pressure Cooker Garlic Butter Chicken

– Keto Summit

Keto Pressure Cooker Garlic Butter Chicken Recipe

Ingredients: chicken breasts, turmeric ghee, salt, garlic.

This unctuous chicken is so quick and easy to cook, as a pressure cooker takes a fraction of the time of normal cooking methods. It also has the added health benefits of the turmeric. Simply serve this with a vegetable side of your choice, or you could serve it as a filling for lettuce wraps for a summery, Keto-friendly picnic lunch.

An added note: We believe so strongly in the benefits of turmeric that we created a supplement called Turmeric Soothe for this very purpose!

Basil Chicken Saute

– Paleo Flourish

Basil Chicken Saute Recipe

Ingredients: chicken breast, garlic, basil leaves, water, coconut aminos, avocado oil or coconut oil, salt.

Sautés and stir-fries can be just what you need for a quick and easy midweek meal as they take so little time to prepare and cook. This dish takes only a few minutes to get table-ready and can be eaten as it is for a light lunch or served over a bed of cauliflower rice for a more filling and substantial Paleo dinner. You will love how the basil leaves give fresh aromatic flavors to this sauté.

AIP Chicken Casserole with Broccoli and Olives

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Chicken Casserole Recipe with Broccoli and Olives

Ingredients: chicken breasts, broccoli, onion, white button mushrooms, bacon (AIP compliant), olives, coconut cream, coconut oil, salt.

Chicken casserole dishes were often found to be full of cream, cheese, and other dairy products but these have been found to affect the digestive system in some of us. Now is the time to experience a healthier AIP casserole that still has a creamy sauce, and that can be the comfort food you remember but without the issues involved by using dairy.

AIP Stuffed Chicken Breast

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Stuffed Chicken Breast

Ingredients: olive oil, basil leaves, garlic, lemon (zest and juice), salt, cauliflower, chicken breasts, avocado oil.

We can all get a bit bored with chicken breast from time to time, so here is a great way to jazz up the flavor by stuffing it with delicious pesto. With the traditional flavors of garlic and basil, this homemade nut-free pesto can be made easily and you will have plenty left to use with other dishes. Combined with the cauliflower it gives a fresh taste to the stuffing and sets off the flavor of the chicken.

Fish and Leek Saute

– Paleo Flourish

Fish and Leek Saute Recipe

Ingredients: fish fillets, leek, ginger, coconut aminos, salt, avocado oil.

This recipe is another one that can be used if you are working to a tighter budget as you can use whatever fish you happen to have. Some white fish can be bought frozen in large bags at a low price so keep a stock in the freezer. The ginger and coconut aminos give this dish a bit of a kick, making it a perfect grain-free meal to make on a hot summer day or for a quick and easy lunch.

Keto Cottage Pie

– Keto Summit

Keto Cottage Pie Recipe

Ingredients: cauliflower, coconut oil, avocado oil, onion, ground beef, carrots, Italian seasoning, fresh parsley.

Cottage pie was a staple when we were growing up and I still love it today, so I was delighted to find this recipe for a healthier way to cook a low-carb childhood favorite. Topped with the creamy cauliflower mash, this dish is filling and delicious and could be made to go a bit further by adding in more vegetables. As well as the carrot you could add chopped swede or parsnips too.

Easy Zucchini Beef Saute with Garlic and Cilantro

– Paleo Flourish

Easy Zucchini Beef Saute with Garlic and Cilantro

Ingredients: beef, zucchini, cilantro, garlic, coconut aminos, avocado oil or coconut oil or olive oil.

Beef is a very satisfying meat and can be served throughout the year, especially in a stir-fry form like this. Try to use a good cut of meat, but if you are on a budget, cheaper cuts can also be used. Instead of chopping the zucchini into strips, you could also try serving it over spiralized zucchini, which resembles noodles. This recipe makes a fantastic light Paleo and AIP meal for the whole family!

Thai Meatballs

– Adventures in Partaking

Thai Meatballs

Photo Credit: Adventures in Partaking

Ingredients: ground beef (pork or lamb or chicken), fresh ginger, mint leaves, parsley, cilantro, spring onion, lime juice, fish sauce, salt, coconut or olive oil.

This recipe gives you Thai-inspired flavors of lime and fish sauce in neat little auto-immune and Paleo-friendly meatballs! This is an adaptable recipe too as you can use whatever ground meat you have and it will still work. If you find beef is a bit heavy for your system, you could try using ground turkey as it is easier to digest. These can be served with a salad for a light lunch or with zoodles or roasted vegetables for a main.

Keto Lemon Blueberry Chicken Salad

– Keto Summit

Keto Lemon Blueberry Chicken Salad Recipe

Ingredients: blueberries or other berries, onion, salad leaves, olive oil, lemon juice, chicken breast, coconut oil, salt.

Sometimes the simplest recipes can be the best, and this one couldn’t be simpler! This salad is packed with chicken but punctuated with bursts of blueberry freshness, then the whole thing has a real zing from the lemony dressing.

If you prefer a creamy dressing, you could try coconut cream with a dash of apple cider vinegar – plus you’ll get some some additional gut-health benefits from the ACV. This recipe is compliant with both Keto and AIP food plans.

3-Ingredient Crispy Keto Chicken Thighs

– Keto Summit

3-Ingredient Crispy Keto Chicken Thighs Recipe

Ingredients: chicken thighs (with the skin on), olive oil, salt.

Spring is here so all thoughts can turn to eating chicken thighs, barbecued meat and all things summery! As you know, most coatings for chicken involve some form of breadcrumbs, which are not Keto or AIP-friendly, so using this low-carb recipe could be the answer! It simply uses the skin on the thighs as a crispy coating that you can enjoy with a fresh, green salad for a delicious lunch.

Keto Kale and Blueberry Salad

– Keto Summit

Keto Kale and Blueberry Salad Recipe

Ingredients: kale, blueberries, coconut flakes, red onion, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt.

Kale has so many more nutrients than other salad leaves, so this delicious salad could be a good way to increase your intake. Teamed with the juicy blueberries, the crunchy kale, and sweet red onion, this salad could be a wonderful light lunch option or a side salad for cooked meats or fish. If you use the light dressing suggested here you won’t mask the flavors of the other ingredients.

Asian Garlic Beef Noodles

– Paleo Flourish

Asian Garlic Beef Noodles Recipe

Ingredients: onion, beef, avocado oil or coconut oil, coconut aminos, garlic, fresh ginger, cilantro, zucchini or shirataki noodles.

Ginger and garlic are the most common basic ingredients in Asian cuisine and they make this dish taste so good! This recipe is quite quick to make, giving you a speedy, tasty Paleo meal for unexpected dinner guests or after a busy day at work. The aromas from the beef will definitely make your mouth water! Try using a red onion instead for a gentler, slightly sweeter taste.

Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Soups

AIP Fish Bone Broth

– Healing Autoimmune

AIP Fish Bone Broth

Ingredients: Fish head or carcass, water, ginger, leek, lemon juice, salt.

On the Auto Immune Protocol, we are often recommended to drink bone broth to increase the nutrients in our bodies and this can be made from fish as well as meat. This is a great way to use up fish bones left after you have cooked a whole fish, but if you can’t face drinking it by itself, you can use it for a base for chowder or fish pies.

Thai Tom Saap Pork Ribs Soup

– Paleo Flourish

Thai Tom Saap Pork Ribs Soup Recipe

Ingredients: pork spare ribs, red shallots or yellow onion, lemongrass stalks, galangal or ginger, water, kaffir lime leaves (or cilantro), lime juice, fish sauce, salt.

Originally, Thai soups tended to be really spicy and use hot chilies, but this can still be a really tasty dish without the heat. Spare ribs can often be quite a cheap cut but they are packed with flavor as the meat is close to the bone. This soup has the traditional Thai flavorings – salty and spicy with a subtle heat from the galangal, but with the freshness from the lime and lemongrass.

Instant Pot Roasted Asparagus Soup

– Fed and Fulfilled

Instant Pot Roasted Asparagus Soup

Photo Credit: Fed and Fulfilled

Ingredients: asparagus, coconut oil, sea salt, garlic powder, Herbs de Provence, leek, garlic, cauliflower, bone broth, coconut milk, lemon juice, lemon zest, fresh parsley.

There is something so rich and decadent about a thick soup like this one and you just know it’s going to taste amazing! This is an AIP and Paleo-compliant recipe and it makes a wonderfully satisfying appetizer for a dinner or a filling lunch for the family. When preparing the asparagus spears, gently bend them individually and they should snap where they are fresh, then you can discard the woody stems.

Mussels, Clams And Shrimps In A Fragrant Broth With Kelp Noodles

– Healing Family Eats

Mussels, Clams And Shrimps In A Fragrant Broth With Kelp Noodles

Photo Credit: Healing Family Eats

Ingredients: clams, mussels, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, shallots, olive oil, chicken or fish bone broth, white shrimp, kelp noodles, flat-leafed parsley, cilantro.

Did you know that shellfish have a high level of Vitamin B12, which has been shown to help with keeping your brain active and can increase concentration levels? That is only one reason why it is important to include them in your diet! In this recipe, they also make a wonderful rich Asian-flavored AIP dish with lemongrass and ginger which brings out the flavor of the fish.

Leek and Cauliflower Soup with Coconut Cream

– The Coconut Mama

Leek and Cauliflower Soup with Coconut Cream

Photo Credit: Tiffany from The Coconut Mama

Ingredients: leek, cauliflower, coconut cream, chicken or bone broth, salt.

Here is another great AIP and Paleo-friendly recipe for homemade soup that is so simple, but emphasizes the goodness of the ingredients. It always makes me feel good making healthy, hearty soups for the family as I know they are getting all the nutrition but with no unwanted added extras! I love to serve this slightly lighter creamy soup with AIP bread rolls.

Turkey Sausage, Kale & Pumpkin Soup

– I Breathe I’m Hungry

Turkey Sausage, Kale & Pumpkin Soup

Photo Credit: Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry

Ingredients: Italian turkey sausage, onion, pumpkin or butternut squash, kale, chicken broth, water.

Because this soup has the flavors of turkey and pumpkin, I think it would be a lovely soup to make at Thanksgiving or for a Halloween meal. It is warming and hearty, with chunks of pumpkin and Italian sausage and ribbons of kale. For a change in flavor, you can use pre-cooked chicken instead of the sausage, and this soup freezes really well so you can make a huge pot and freeze some for later.

Detox Cabbage Soup

– Savory Lotus

Detox Cabbage Soup

Photo Credit: Katja from Savory Lotus

Ingredients: coconut oil, cabbage, celery, salt, garlic, fresh ginger, bone broth or veggie broth, shredded leftover chicken or any meat, fresh cilantro.

If you find your system is suffering a bit of an overload, perhaps after you’ve enjoyed a holiday or have eaten too many naughties over Christmas, it can be a great idea to detox the body with this nutritious cabbage soup. It is full of cleansing ingredients to recharge the system and get things up and running again. This is also a great soup to take at the beginning of a diet to help support digestion.

Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Desserts

Paleo Passion Fruit Coconut Yogurt Parfait

– Paleo Flourish

Paleo Passion Fruit Coconut Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Ingredients: coconut yogurt, passion fruit, blueberries.

If you are a fan of yogurt but can’t have dairy, coconut yogurt could be the answer as it is dairy-free. The totally tropical flavor of the passion fruit gives this dish a fantastic summery taste and you have a lovely mix of textures from the nuts, seeds, and blueberries. This would be a great dish to make for breakfast because it is so quick to prepare but would also be fine for dessert.

Coconut Yogurt Berry Parfait

– Paleo Flourish

Coconut Yogurt Berry Parfait Recipe

Ingredients: coconut yogurt, strawberry, raspberries, coconut flakes.

This is such a pretty dish even though it is so simple to prepare! Layers of fruit and rich and velvety yogurt give you a striped effect that could be turned into an impressive dessert at a dinner party if you serve the parfait in champagne flutes. However putting it into small jars makes it a portable Paleo snack for a lunchbox, or to take with you on a family picnic.

Blackberry Jello July 4th Dessert

– Paleo Flourish

Blackberry Jello July 4th Dessert Recipe

Ingredients: blackberries or blueberries, lemon juice, water, gelatin, coconut yogurt or coconut cream, strawberries.

This is a wonderful patriotic dessert, designed for Independence Day, but it could also be suitable for the upcoming Royal Wedding in the UK! You have the red, white and blue layers comprising fruit and yogurt and eaten all together this is a creamy and zingy fresh Paleo dessert that you can enjoy any time, celebration or not! If you use blueberries you will not need to use the honey as they are sweet enough.

Easy Paleo Strawberry Ice Cream

– Paleo Flourish

Easy Paleo Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Ingredients: strawberries, coconut cream, coconut flakes.

Have you been thinking that homemade ice cream is too difficult? Well if I can do it so can you, and I don’t even have an ice cream maker! Recipes like these for dairy-free ice cream can be a great way to introduce healthier eating to your kids as they will not be able to tell the difference, especially if the strawberries are really ripe, as they add in all the sweetness you need without added sugar.

Paleo Jello (with Berries)

– Paleo Flourish

Paleo Jello (with Berries)

Ingredients: strawberries, blueberries, gelatin powder, water.

This recipe gives you jello with a bit of a twist! It has the consistency of mousse because the jello is mixed with fruit puree, making it a lot more exciting. You can use whatever berries you prefer, and if the fruit is sweet enough you may not need to add any sweetener to it. This dessert is light and refreshing and would be a lovely Paleo treat served in a fancy glass on a hot summer day. This is a great way to encourage kids to eat more fruit too!

Coconut Jelly

– Low Carb Yum

Coconut Jelly - An easy AIP Treat

Photo Credit: Lisa from Low Carb Yum

Ingredients: gelatin, water, hot water, coconut cream.

This is one of those really simple recipes that only has a few ingredients, but gives you a clean-tasting, healthy and delicious snack that is suitable for Keto, Paleo and AIP diets. These lovely sweet treats have the taste of old-fashioned coconut cream sweets and can be enough to satisfy your need for something sweet but without the added refined sugar.

Carob “Chocolate” Bars – Basic Recipe

– Healing Family Eats

Homemade Carob “Chocolate” Bars

Photo Credit: Healing Family Eats

Ingredients: coconut oil, coconut butter, carob powder.

This is an amazing recipe that lets you make carob bars you can give to friends or family, or just to enjoy yourself. There are a range of flavors listed and it’s up to you which ones you use, but imagine how you would feel if someone made chocolates for you that were safe for your way of eating, especially if you are following AIP when sugar is a forbidden item.

Ginger, Lemon Blueberry Detox Smoothie {with optional Therapeutic Essential Oils}

– Feasting On Joy

Ginger, Lemon, Blueberry Detox Smoothie

Photo Credit: Feasting on Joy

Ingredients: frozen blueberries, coconut milk, avocado, ginger essential oil or ginger root, lemon essential oil, or lemon juice, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, ice, water.

Detox drinks like this one can be the best way to reset your system after a period of over-indulgence, or when you are about to start on a healthier way of eating. This Keto smoothie has all the benefits of ginger, to restore the liver, and blueberries which are full of anti-oxidants, and it is also dairy-free! So if you want a nutritious start to the day that will give you your mojo back, try this amazing smoothie!

Roasted Strawberry Popsicles

– Clean Eating With A Dirty Mind

Roasted Strawberry Pops

Photo Credit: Vanessa from Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind

Ingredients: fresh strawberries, extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice, fine sea salt, water.

If you have kids you probably have experience of making homemade popsicles, and nowadays we have access to all the molds and sticks you could ever need. So I would like you to consider making these again, but not just for the youngsters! Using fresh fruit in a popsicle gives a much more natural taste and sweetness and they are so easy to make that this could be your go-to dairy-free snack right through the summer!

47 Essential Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Recipes

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