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022: Daisy Brackenhall on Top Tips for Thriving As a Keto Woman

Louise | February 25
Top Tips for Thriving As a Keto Woman - Daisy Brackenhall - Keto Summit Show

Daisy Brackenhall is a Brit who currently lives in southwest France and is an ardent Keto advocate. Keto has brought many changes to her life (including dramatically improving her depression and migraines) and she is passionate about sharing the sense of empowerment that comes from getting to grips with your health and wellbeing so that more women can benefit.

Daisy is a podcaster (Keto Woman podcast), runs a fantastic all-women Facebook group and is an admin on the Ketogenic Forums.

In this episode, Daisy Brackenhall talks about:

  • The best tips for turning your health around with Keto
  • The top ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine
  • Words of wisdom for women and moms
  • Time saving ways for busy professionals to make Keto work
  • Advice on getting started for people who are new to Keto
  • Daisy’s best tips for mindset and attitude
  • The tips that have made the biggest impact for Daisy and her family

Featured Guest

Daisy Brackenhall

Links Discussed:

Daisy’s Website
Kickarse Keto Bitches Facebook Group
Keto Woman Podcast


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