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Keto Meal Delivery Services (Including Our Reviews + Food Photos!)

Louise | April 30

Hate cooking but want to stay on Keto?

Yeah, I know the feeling! When I first started, I was so busy and hated cooking so much, yet I was desperate to give it a try and stick to it.

Registered Dietitian Alissa Rumsey, RD, CDN notes that meal delivery services are becoming extremely popular. “These are good options for longer days when you don’t have much time to cook. These meals can be an alternative to your traditional take-out foods.”

Luckily, there are tons of Keto meal delivery companies now in the US that can help (they’ll ship to most US states). Louise asked me to go and try many of their food (yeah, it was a tough job!), and below you’ll read my reviews.

Plus, I’ll give you my 3 favorite Keto meal delivery services:

Keto Meal Delivery Services #keto #article

Ketoned Bodies


What’s included: All meals come with nutritional counseling and are designed to aid in full ketogenic transitions.

How keto is it: All meals listed on the website contain 20 net carbs or less. In addition to having several low carb options, they only use 100% grass-fed beef and 100% pastured eggs, poultry, and pork. Plus, all of their meals are free of grains, gluten, soy, GMOs, preservatives, and canola or lower grade vegetable oils.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, it is provided with each recipe on the website.

Review: Ketoned Bodies meals were well packaged and really delicious! The Zero Carb Chicken Parmesan was especially yummy – it was flavorful, tender, and easy to reheat.

Packaging: Each meal comes fully prepared in microwave and oven safe containers and is ready to heat and eat.

Green Chef

Green Chef Low Carb Meal Delivery ServicePrice: The average meal is $14.99. The pricing is based on the plan you choose and how many people will be eating each dinner. There are several options for families ranging in servings for two to four people.

What’s included: Each box contains 90% or more certified organic pre-measured ingredients. Most of the ingredients have been chopped or pre-measured for you, including spices and sauces! Each recipe card is color-coded so it makes it easy to find what you need.

How keto is it: They have several food options with one being Dairy Free Keto. The meals are in the upper carb range for keto though. I would classify their plans as a more low carb and not strict keto.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, they have nutritional information listed in each recipe but you have to search online for the recipe card, it is not included in the package.

Reviews: The experience I had with Green Chef was a good one! Their products came in brown bags with the proteins individually wrapped and tightly sealed.

I liked how colorful each bag was and enjoyed the convenience of not having to measure each ingredient! The box did not come with instructions for the recipes but with a quick search on their site, I was able to find step-by-step directions with pictures.

I loved the personal touch with the handwritten card inside my box! The meals were delicious but higher in carbs than what I’m used to. I would say overall the meals were tasty and beautiful. The meals filled me up but my husband needed to add more to make his meal filling. I do love the fact that they use all organic foods, you can really taste the crispness of the ingredients.

Packaging: Each box comes with reusable ice packs and the meals arrive cold. Each meal comes with a brown bag containing small resealable bags of ingredients and an individually packaged protein.

Factor 75

Factor75 Keto Friendly Meal Delivery ServicePrice: The price differs depending on the package you select, however, meals range from $60-$200 per week.

What’s included: Each week your meals will be delivered to your door. Each meal comes individually packaged and ready to be heated up. Weekly meal options range from 4-18 delivered meals.

How keto is it: The meals we received ranged from 4g net carbs to 23g net carbs. Since you get to choose your meals, just chose the meals with the macronutrients that fit your needs to make it keto friendly.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, all nutrition facts are located on the label of each individually packaged meal as well as on the website.

Reviews: The meals that Factor 75 provided tasted amazing! Once the cardboard sleeve was taken off, I was able to throw the entire container in the microwave and my meal was ready in minutes. My favorite meal was the Steak and Loaded Cauliflower Mash; I was sad when I ate the last bite! All of the ingredients tasted fresh and perfectly seasoned. I was full after each meal and found I wasn’t hungry again for several hours. Overall, this was a very pleasant experience.

Packaging: Each meal comes packed in completely BPA-free CPET individual plastic containers.

Keto Fridge

Price: Depending on the selection of foods you pick, the meals range from $13-$ 16.50. You do not have to subscribe to any meal plans but you do have to purchase a minimum of $69 each order.

What’s included: You decide on which meals you would like to receive. You have choices of Chicken/Beef/Fish and sides. The menu changes each week. They also offer Keto Desserts (ice cream, coffee, cookies, and milkshakes).

How keto is it: The Keto Fridge meals contain roughly 75% Fat, 20% Protein, and 5% Carbs.Nutritional Facts: Macros are listed on the website when you order, as well as on the packaging of each meal. If you like to track your macros in detail, the meals each come labeled with scannable barcodes to easily import the nutrition facts into MyFitnessPal.

Reviews: Sadly we were not able to try a meal for this review. We did notice, however, that KetoGirl commented, “I have been super impressed with the variety and quality of meals offered by Keto Fridge so far! In addition to tasting good and fitting my macros effortlessly, I do have to confess that I am absolutely loving being able to take a few days off from cooking each week.”

Packaging: Each shipment comes in an insulated, refrigerated box keeping it fresh until you arrive home and store the meals in the fridge or freezer. Meals will last 7 days in the fridge or if frozen, will remain fresh for 2 months.

For a closer look, check out this unboxing and review of Keto Fridge:


Price: The price of the meals varies depending on the food you choose. Most meals are around $30 for two servings. If you set up a weekly subscription, you save 10%.

What’s included: You can order A la carte items or full meals for the week depending on your preference. You also receive detailed instructions with step-by-step photos, perfect wine and beer pairings, helpful hints and info on culinary techniques and ingredients, meal description with the skill level of the recipe and estimated cook time, List of ingredients, calorie information, spice level and any common allergens present and list of kitchen tools needed.

How keto is it: The Atkins option is the most keto friendly. The carb amounts are varied but most meals contain 20g net carbs. I do find the amount of protein in the meals are higher than a standard ketogenic diet profile.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, nutritional facts are provided on the website.

Reviews: Unfortunately, we were not able to try meals for this review post.

One reviewer who was able to try several meals commented, “ As you can probably guess, I really can’t say enough good things about Chef’d. From the time the boxes were delivered to the time dinner hit the table, I was pleased”.

Packaging: Each meal is mailed in insulated packaging with dividers to keep the food fresh while in transit.

Pete’s Paleo

Pete's Paleo Meal Delivery Service can be used with a keto dietPrice: If you chose the “Eat What You Love” option then select the keto menu, each meal is $15-20.

What’s included: You pick a minimum of 5 ketogenic dinner meals (basically all they offer for that week) and they arrive frozen and ready to cook.

How keto is it: They offer a “Eat what you love” menu with a ketogenic option. You must order a minimum of 5 meals. The percentage of carbs per meal is approximately 20% of the meal or between 6-11g net carbs per serving.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, nutritional facts are included with each meal (on the website and my fitness pal). Each individually sealed bag contains a sticker with the name of the food and the nutrition information.

Reviews: When I first received my meals from Pete’s Paleo, I was a little taken back with the way the bags were packaged.

Inside each silver meal bag were other vacuum sealed bags containing each ingredient.

When heated in the microwave, the meals were a little watery.

When heated on the stove, the dish contained less liquid. Although I had to add seasoning to almost every meal, the overall taste was good. The vivid coloring of the food was so beautiful on the plate. The meals were very large in size and filling. There were a few meals that were so filling I saved the rest for another meal. Overall, I would recommend Pete’s Paleo’s Keto option to others.

Packaging: Each box comes with custom gel packs and biodegradable liners. Each meal comes in BPA-free plastic bags and vacuum-seal it for maximum freshness.

Paleo On The Go

Paleo On The Go Meal Delivery Service accommodates KetoPrice: Meals range in price from $5.50-$37.50 depending on what is purchased. (Minimum of $99 order.)

What’s included: Each box’s contents will vary depending on the plan you select (a la carte menu or monthly meal plan). Inside the box you will find carefully packaged meals, ready to be reheated.

How keto is it: They offer a Keto Meal Plan option although each meal is roughly 25 carbs or less. I would consider their selection more of a low carb option rather than ketogenic. They do offer a Strict 30 meal plan that contains several keto friendly dishes as well.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, nutrition facts are offered on the website but not on each boxed meal.

Reviews: The Paleo On The Go meals were so big that I split them into two meals! The flavors were bursting. Once defrosted, a quick 2-3 minutes in the microwave and the meals were ready to be consumed. Overall the meals were satisfying and filling! I also liked the way they listed all the ingredients on the outside sticker of each container so you knew exactly what you were getting when you opened the box.

Packaging: Meals come in sealed trays (microwave and oven safe), pouches, and soup containers (all BPA free). Each box is packed with dry ice to keep the food fresh.

Caveman Chefs

Price: The pricing varies greatly, depending on the number of meals you are purchasing. The pricing ranges from $13.75-$18.75 per meal.

What’s included: Depending on the meal plan you select, your meals will be mailed to you once or twice per week. (You can order up to 10 meals per week).

How keto is it: It is hard to tell from the website because it doesn’t provide a user-friendly list of their recipes. From the information that was listed, it looks like this is more Paleo/AIP friendly. They claim to have a Keto option, I just couldn’t find it.

Nutritional Facts: I could only find the overall caloric amount on the website, not the full nutritional breakdown (carb, fat, protein).

Reviews: CavemanChefs evolved from a cafe in Denver into a Paleo, Keto, and low carb meal delivery service instead. We, unfortunately, weren’t able to try one of their meals for this post.

Packaging: The website does not specify how the food arrives or is packaged.

Paleo Power Meals

Price: The price of the meals varies but costs $8-$15 per meal with some side options averaging $10 per meal.

What’s included: Meal plans are rotated every week but there is no monthly subscription required. The customer orders off of an a la carte menu and purchases the meals they choose. If you want to have meals every month, then select the recurring order option.

How keto is it: It looks like there are several keto friendly options although it is not a set menu, so you will need to be selective with what you choose. Looking at the nutritional information will allow you to select the keto friendly dishes.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, all nutritional facts are listed by the recipe.

Reviews: We weren’t able to try these meals, unfortunately, but their customers seem to really enjoy the food. Celine wrote: “After ordering from a few different services I decided to give them a try, and I am so glad I did. The food is exceptional!” and Lissa wrote: “I just had the 3 egg bacon muffin. HOLY AWESOMENESS!”

Packaging: The meals are packaged in an eco-friendly cooler inside of a regular box. They add ice packs to the cooler to ensure the meals are fresh and cold when they are delivered to you.

Balance (By BistroMD)

Price: The cost will vary based on the meals selected, but the meals average between $6-$14.What’s included: The meals that you select will ship in eco-friendly boxes. There are no minimum requirements so order as many or as few meals and snacks as you want.

How keto is it: There are several keto options but you will need to check the nutritional values before you purchase. Even options in the low carb section are still over 20 net carbs per meal. Some meals, however, such as the Cheese Omelet with Turkey Sausage only have 5g net carbs.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, nutritional information is listed in each recipe.

Reviews: We were not able to try their meals for this review post but other’s reviews were raving about the meals!

Cindy gave it a five-star rating and said, “I love that I can order what I want and when I want it – no subscription commitment required. I love that ordering is easy and delivery is fast. I love that I don’t have to prepare anything other than popping a tray into the microwave. Most importantly – I love the food – it’s delicious, fresh, healthy, and satisfying.”

Packaging: Each package is shipped in insulated coolers, and are packed with dry ice to keep your meals frozen during transport to your home.

True Fare: (Previously Premade Paleo)

True Fare Low Carb Meal Delivery ServicePrice:Your meal prices will vary based on the amount of food as well as how many you meals you choose. The average cost is $6.50 per meal but can cost up to $190 for a full week of ketogenic meals (5 days).

What’s included:You have the option to select bundled meals or individual meals so this will be based on the meals you order. Each meal is packaged in a single vacuum sealed bag ready to be heated.

How keto is it:They offer a Keto menu option with meals as low as 4g net carbs per serving and as high as 20g net carbs per serving.

Nutritional Facts: Yes, nutritional facts are listed in most recipes as well as on each individually packaged meal. I did have to do some research on the site to find nutrition information on a handful of recipes. The nutritional information on a few of the meals seemed high so I am unsure if this was for a combined total of ingredients or just the ingredients in the bag. Some of the information on the website’s nutrition page was inaccessible.

Reviews:My overall experience with TrueFare was good. The packaging was very easy to store and open! I liked the way that the entire meal was in one bag! I found that I needed to add seasoning to the meals but that is better than having too much. The portion sizes were a little small for me, except for the beef burger, since I found I was still hungry after each meal. I did like the combinations of foods they provided, but I felt I needed to supplement sides to make a full meal.

Packaging:Meals are frozen in bags, but cannot be reheated in their packaging.


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