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Keto Snacks to Buy

Louise | July 20

Going Keto might seem like a huge transition at first. But the truth is you just need to create a few new habits and find a few good products to replace the ones you used to rely on.

Shopping for snacks is the perfect example. Most grocery stores - even the healthy ones - have an entire aisle dedicated to snacks. You remember that aisle, full of shiny bright colored crinkly bags promising unbeatable crunch and flavor. 

Unfortunately most of those bags are full of problematic carbohydrates. Definitely not helpful on Keto.  

The great news is there are snack items available today that won’t hijack your carb budget, and they’re available at your favorite stores. And because you probably won’t see a “low-carb” section in the snack department, we’ll also help you find them.

In the lists below, note that items containing dairy are marked with an asterisk (*). All nutritional information provided applies to a single serving, so be sure to check the package to see how many servings are included.

All the snacks listed below have less than 5g of net carbohydrate per serving - that’s total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols. We’ve also included links for pictures, nutritional information, and online shopping.

Keto Snacks to Buy at Walmart

Walmart is the grocery hub for many communities, and fortunately for us, they tend to keep up with popular food trends. This means some great Keto snacks could be as close as your nearest supercenter.

About 85% of Walmart locations are either classified as Supercenters or Neighborhood Markets, and commonly stock the Keto snacks below. The remaining 15% of Walmart stores are mainly Walmart Discount Stores, which carry fewer grocery items.

Because Walmart’s grocery department can be huge, we’ve organized these by where you’re likely to find them in the store.

Produce/Grab-and-Go Snacks at Walmart

Most Walmarts have a produce section near the door, including a small grab-and-go section for quick snacks and meals. This is great when you need Keto snacks on the go or you just want to get in and out of the store quickly.

Refrigerated Deli Snacks at Walmart

These items are usually found along one of the main walls, near the meat section.

Protein Bars and Sweet Snacks at Walmart

You can usually find these items near the pharmacy or nutritional supplements. Because these can have an impact on insulin levels, consider making these an occasional indulgence rather than a daily staple.

Salty/Crunchy Snacks at Walmart

You’ll find these on the shelves with the more traditional snack foods.

Canned and Packaged Meats at Walmart

These items are available in cans or packets in the canned meats aisle. For convenience, look for a flip-top opening. Be sure to check carb counts, as some have added flavorings and sauces.

Other Snacks at Walmart

Keto Snacks to Buy at Target

Target isn’t always viewed in the public eye as a grocery store. Still, most Target stores do have a decent selection of food items, and it can be a great place to stock up on Keto snacks.

We’ll take a look at the best brands and products to look for on your next Target run. Note that all items may not be available at all stores.

Salty/Crunchy Snacks at Target

These items are usually found on the shelves with the more traditional snack foods and nuts.

Protein Bars and Sweet Snacks at Target

These items can be found near the pharmacy or with the nutritional supplements and vitamins. These items are great for the occasional treat, but may not be ideal for daily snacking.

Canned and Packaged Meats at Target

Refrigerated Snack Items at Target

Other Snacks at Target

Keto Snacks to Buy at Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a great salad bar, hot foods bar, and an excellent organic produce section, so it’s not hard to find healthy Keto snacks on the go.

We’ll narrow in now on some of our favorite Whole Foods snacks that you’re likely to find within the store, rather than on the buffet line.

Fresh Veggie Snacks at Whole Foods

Crunchy/Salty Snacks at Whole Foods

Snack Dips and Spreads at Whole Foods

Pair these with your fresh veggies and crunchy snacks, above.

Meats and Cheese Snacks at Whole Foods

Sweet Keto Snacks at Whole Foods

Keto Snacks to Buy on Amazon

You can buy almost anything on Amazon, so you can probably find most of the packaged products above there too. For that reason we’ll focus on some of the best Keto snacks you can buy at Amazon that your local store might not offer.

Keep in mind, many grocery items that cost less than $5 locally are available on Amazon only in bulk quantities. This is great when you find a product you love and if you have storage space, but less great if you’re not ready to commit to 24 cans of tuna!

Here are some of our favorite Keto snacks available at Amazon:

Sweet Snacks on Amazon

Salty Snacks on Amazon

Stocking Up on Keto Snacks is Easy

Whether you buy snacks online or locally, you can find Keto versions of exactly what you crave. There are great Keto snacks to go at the stores we visit regularly, so there’s no reason to dread that 3PM slump.

Once you’ve got your meals dialed in and a few good snacks you can rely on, your Keto lifestyle will be on auto-pilot. Use these lists, but keep looking for Keto substitutes for the foods you crave. Better health and wellness awaits!


Louise co-founded Louise's Foods, Paleo Living Magazine, Nourishing Brands, & CoBionic. She has considerable research experience but enjoys creating products and articles that help move people just a little bit closer toward a healthy life they love.