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026: Dr. Alexis Shields on Blood Tests: How to Use Them to Monitor Keto and Weight Loss

Louise | March 25
Blood Tests: How to Use Them to Monitor Keto and Weight Loss - Dr. Alexis Shields - Keto Summit Show

Dr. Alexis Shields is a dear friend and a Naturopathic Doctor. For the past 11 years, she has been helping busy professionals improve their mental and physical performance. And she does this by performing a thorough analysis of their blood work to pinpoint the exact problems that’s holding back their health.

In this episode, Dr. Alexis Shields talks about:

  • How she got started and why she focuses on blood test results
  • Are there blood test results that indicate someone shouldn’t follow a Keto diet?
  • Can your doctor order the correct tests or do you need a specialist?
  • Which common tests are the best indicators of health?
  • Which numbers should you look for on those results?
  • Besides blood tests, what other tests does she recommend?
  • Is it important to get blood work done if you’re trying to lose weight on Keto?
  • Do people need to be worried about cholesterol when on keto?
  • Where to find Dr. Alexis for more information

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Dr. Alexis Shields


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