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016: Libby Jenkinson on How to Reduce Your Kid’s Sugar Intake Without a Fight (Plus Easy Lunch Box Ideas)

Louise Hendon | January 14
How to Reduce Your Kid’s Sugar Intake Without a Fight (Plus Easy Lunch Box Ideas) - Libby Jenkinson - Keto Summit Show

Libby Jenkinson founder of the popular site is a registered pharmacist, mother of 3 children, author of 3 Low-Carb books. Her low-carb website is no.1 in New Zealand and Australia and no.7 in the world. Because she is a pharmacist, she understands the science behind using the low-carb approach to regain health, and also the practicalities because she is a busy mum with young children.

In this episode, Libby Jenkinson talks about:

  • What prompted Libby to change her eating habits
  • Low carb and kids
  • Timeline to transition family to low carb
  • Low carb and eating out
  • Encouraging kids to eat vegetables
  • Remaking childhood favorites
  • Packing healthy lunch boxes
  • Encouraging kids to eat low carb

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Libby Jenkinson


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Louise Hendon

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