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010: Kate Bay Jaramillo on The Keto Mindset: Creating The Best Headspace For Success

Louise | December 3
Kate Bay Jaramillo - Keto Summit Show Podcast

Kate Jaramillo is certified in everything from the Institute of Nutritional Leadership to Beachbody Live to P90X. And after training and coaching clients for nearly a decade, Kate discovered that her clients got the most amazing results when they were able to focus on the big picture of their wellness – not just diet or exercise, but also mindset, stress, community, & more.

That’s when Kate set out to revolutionize how people approach weight loss and fitness. She’s now changing thousands of lives while also raising her 3 amazing daughters in southern Florida.
Kate’s experience, training, and passion are all about getting results for busy women… not just in terms of fat loss, but also by improving their overall quality of life.

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In this episode, Kate and Louise talk about:

  • Kate’s journey to keto
  • Why clients fall of the keto bandwagon
  • Why mindset matters when it comes to eating
  • How to help uncover mental blocks
  • How to mentally prepare to start a ketogenic diet
  • Creating headspace and achieving success

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Kate Jaramillo


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