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Use These 3 Keto Flours When Baking Keto Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? They sure make my mouth water just looking at all the Keto cookie recipes below…

But what’s great about these cookies is that they’re not laden with sugar, wheat, and processed oils!

Instead, you’ll find all of these Keto cookie recipes to use only nutritious Keto ingredients.  That’s why I want to bring your attention to these 3 Keto flours that are used to bake Keto cookies (as well as other Keto snacks and desserts).

So keep these Keto flours stocked in your pantry, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying delicious Keto treats!

1.  Almond Flour and Other Nut Flours 

Almond flour or almond meal is basically just whole almond nuts ground up to form a rough flour.

If you buy almond flour from the store, then you can find blanched versions (which just means the almond skin is removed) and finely ground flour versions.

But you can also make your own almond flour or nut flours at home.  Simply buy the raw nuts and food process them without any water or oil.

Nut flours are very low in carbs and of course they’re naturally gluten-free, which makes them perfect for Keto (and Paleo, gluten-free) diets.

The main problem with most almond flour Paleo or gluten-free cookie recipes is the sugar in them.  They’re often made with honey or coconut sugar, which you’ll want to avoid on Keto. So stick with the recipes on this page if you want to get the benefits of a Keto diet.

2.  Coconut Flour 

Coconut flour is another fantastic Keto, Paleo, gluten-free flour frequently used in baking.  It’s also great for “breading” chicken and fish.

It’s hard to make coconut flour at home because coconut flakes contain a fair amount of oil in them still.  So if you try just food processing them, you’ll end up with coconut butter instead. That’s why I recommend buying coconut flour.

One of the main questions I get about baking on Keto is whether you can use your regular cookie recipes and just substitute in the coconut flour or almond flour.

Unfortunately not…

In particular, coconut flour acts very differently to other flours.  It’s pretty dry and doesn’t have any of the “elastic” properties you’ll find in gluten containing flours.  Often Keto coconut flour recipes require more eggs and ghee than other recipes to add in that elasticity and creaminess.

If you’re interested in learning how to bake Keto desserts with coconut flour, then I suggest trying these recipes.

3.  Flax Meal or Chia Meal 

Regular wheat flour works really well for baking because gluten provides that stretchy elasticity we love in our breads and cookies.

Almond flour and coconut flour lack that property unfortunately.  Adding eggs to a recipe will help but what’s even better is adding some flax seed or chia seed meal.  

Flax meal is simply flax seeds ground up.  Chia meal is chia seeds ground up.

You can make your own flax meal and chia meal at home using a coffee grinder (the seeds are a bit too small to be ground up using most food processors or blenders).

I suggest making your own flax meal and chia meal because the fats in flax seeds and chia seeds are released when you grind them up.  Those fats can get oxidized very quickly causing your flour to have a fishy rancid smell and taste. So, it’s always best to make your flaxmeal and chia meal fresh.

How to use flax meal and chia meal?

Simply add a few tablespoons to your Keto cookie recipes along with the other ingredients.  This will add more stretchiness to your cookies!

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