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These Are Our Top 5 Keto Pressure Cooker Recipes...

4 Basic Keto Pressure Cooker Recipes Everyone Should Know About

You probably bought a pressure cooker (like the Instapot or Instant Pot) to:

  • Create tender meats in under 1 hour
  • Get your Keto dinner on the table fast
  • Cook flavorful soups without spending hours

But did you know your pressure cooker can be used to create traditional old favorites perfectly every time?

1.  Make Keto Bone Broth 

Bone broth is an amazingly healthy drink with gut-healing properties.  You can use it as the base for Keto soups or stews or just enjoy a cup by itself.

There are lots of different ways you can make bone broth, but the fastest method by far is in your pressure cooker.

So, check out this Keto pressure cooker recipe for making your own bone broth.  And if you’re strapped for time, you can even skip roasting the bones.

2.  Steam Fish and Vegetables 

Most pressure cookers come with a steaming rack.  If your pressure cooker doesn’t or if you’ve lost your steaming rack, then they are cheap to replace.

Just add water to the bottom of your pressure cooker pot, place your fish, seafood, or vegetables on the steaming rack inside your pressure cooker pot, and secure the lid.

For fish, cook on the low pressure setting (if you have different pressure settings on your device).  It usually takes just 5 minutes for your fish to be steamed to perfection.

Cooking low carb vegetables in the pressure cooker can take just a bit longer than for fish and seafood (depending on the vegetable).  For example, artichokes take around 20 minutes on high pressure to cook.

Once you learn about the steaming function of your pressure cooker, it really opens up the variety of Ketogenic dishes you can cook with the device.

So, start experimenting and create your own Keto pressure cooker recipes!

3.  Boil Eggs 

Boiled eggs are the perfect Keto snack, and you can make large batches of it so easily in your pressure cooker.

This also uses the steaming function of your pressure cooker device.

4. Make Coconut Yogurt 

This is a function of certain pressure cookers like the Instant Pot.

It has the ability to keep your coconut milk at a certain temperature so that it can start to ferment properly.

Check out this recipe to make your own coconut yogurt at home.

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