Keto Calculator

Keto Calculator

Keto Calculator

This calculator will help you figure out how much fat, carbs, and protein you should eat every day.  All you need to do is answer 6 easy questions...

All recommendations are tailored 100% to you and the information that you enter into the calculator.  And all recommendations are designed to keep you in ketosis and to help you reach your goals (whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or stay put).

Step #1 of 6: What is Your Weight (in lbs)?

You Should Eat This Many Calories Per Day

Calories per Day

Here is How Much Fat, Carbs, and Protein You Should Eat (Per Day)


Fat grams
Protein grams
Net Carbs grams


Fat calories
Protein calories
Net Carbs calories

Body Weight and Bodyfat %

Your Total Body Weight (lbs)

Your Total Body Weight (kg)

Your Bodyfat %


Non-Exercise Activity

(This is how active you are NOT INCLUDING exercise.  In other words, how much do you walk and move around during the day?)

Sedentary (Sit most of the day)
Lightly Active (Standing/Walking 2-6 hours/day)
Moderately Active (Walking/Moving 6+ hours/day)
Very Active (Fitness Instructor, Dancer, Construction Worker, etc.)

Your Primary Goal

Lose Fat
Stay at the Same Weight
Gain Muscle

How Much Do You Exercise?

Below, enter the average amount of exercise that you do per DAY.  (In other words, if you do 20 minutes of cardio 4 times per week, then that would be 80 total minutes per week, or about 11 minutes per day.) 

Average Minutes of Cardio Per Day:

Average Minutes of Weight-Lifting Per Day:

Calories Burned per Minute Total Calories Burned
Other Exercise

Protein Requirement

We suggest that you leave this number as it is, unless you definitely know that you want to change it.

This is the amount of protein you eat as a ratio equal to grams of protein / your lean body weight.  So if your lean bodyweight is 120 lbs, then you would eat 108 grams of protein per day at a 0.9 ratio.  In general, you shouldn't go below 0.7 grams per day (on average), and should only go above 1.0 if you're trying to build more muscle. 

Protein Ratio:

Macronutrients Macro Grams Kcal per gram Daily Calories Daily %
Protein 4
Net Carbs 4
Fat 9