Keto SOUP Recipes

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These Are Our Top 5 Keto Soup Recipes...

3 Tips to Make Your Keto Soups Healthier, Tastier, and Easier To Make!

1.  Switch Out The Cream and The Cheese!

For many on the Ketogenic diet, dairy is a staple because it is high in fat and low in carbs. And, honestly, who doesn’t love cheese? But is cheese Keto? And what about other dairy products, like cream and butter?

While dairy can be super nutritious, it could also be the cause of chronic inflammation as well as acne, sinus issues, headaches, and digestive issues for many people.

Plus, as you probably already know, it’s pretty easy to overeat…which really isn’t great if you’re trying to lose weight on a Keto diet.

That’s why all of our Keto recipes (including the Keto soup recipes on this page) are dairy-free. So you can try Keto without feeling bloated and inflamed.

But going dairy-free Keto doesn’t mean bland or boring foods. There are lots of dairy substitutes you can use in soups. Coconut cream, coconut milk, almond milk, other nut milks, or even pureed cauliflower can help create that creamy texture in your Keto soups.

For example, Ketogasm’s creamy shrimp soup calls for 2 cups of heavy cream, but it’s easy to use 2 cups of coconut cream instead to create a dairy-free but still Ketogenic version of that soup recipe.

2.  Add In More Low Carb Vegetables To Your Keto Soups

Vegetables are key to any good diet. They are full of nutrients our bodies need and help keep us healthy. They can also be a great way to include more fiber in your ketogenic diet. Some vegetables are surprisingly high in carbs, however, so stick to these low carb vegetables.

Vegetables can serve as a great base for your soup, providing both the thickness and main flavor of the dish.

Plus, vegetable-based soups like broccoli or cauliflower help you hit your daily vegetable intake and can be made with broth or coconut cream for a luscious texture. They can also give your soup a variety of colors and flavors.

If you are doing Keto at home with children, soups are a great way to not only stay on Keto, but also to hide some of those “gross” vegetables. 

Or if you are feeling bored with the vegetables you eat on a daily basis, soups can be a great way to change it up. Bored with broccoli? Throw in cauliflower instead! Think it’s bland? Throw in garlic. Think it needs to be more filling? Add in leftover chicken or throw in some bacon. You can adjust the soup to your flavors or use it as a great way to clear up some space in your fridge. 

3.  Pick Your Favorite Cooking Method For Soup Recipes

Soups are versatile enough to be either a hearty meal to keep you warm in winter or a light broth-based soup when you’ve had a day of heavy eating, which makes them a great candidate for a Ketogenic meal.

It’s not only the texture and flavor of soups that are versatile - cooking methods of soups vary too. Here are just a few methods to play around with:

  • On the stove top, or
  • With a slow cooker, or
  • With a pressure cooker, or
  • With a Thermomix, or even
  • In just a blender (for raw and chilled soups).

What method you use can depend on how much time you have or can be based on your preferences. 

The best thing about soups is that many recipes don’t require you to be precise and meticulous for it to taste amazing. So, use frozen veggies instead of raw ones if that’s all you have. Cook it all day in your crockpot instead of in a pot on the stove. Or if you need to cook the Keto soup recipe faster, use your pressure cooker!

And how about using homemade bone broth instead of chicken broth as the base for your Keto soups?

Or turn your soups in entire entrees by adding in some beef or chicken!

There are so many variations you can make with Keto’s endless fun.

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