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These Are Our Top 5 Keto Sauces, Dips, and Condiment Recipes...

5 Keto Condiments You Can Buy

Are your Keto meats and salads too bland?

It can get dull eating the same things over and over.  But you can easily jazz up your Keto diet simply by adding some low carb condiments to your food.

From Keto BBQ sauce to mayonnaise, chimichurri sauce, creamy dressings, and Keto no-chickpea hummus dips, the choices are endless here, and we’ve got for all your essential Keto condiment recipes covered below.

But you don’t even have to make your own Keto condiments...there are several that you could buy:

5 Keto Condiments You Can Buy In Stores:

  • Mayo (just make sure it’s made from a Keto friendly fat)
  • Caesar and ranch dressing (often these are made from non-Keto fats, but if you’re pushed at a restaurant, then these are your best options for Keto salad dressings)
  • Ghee or butter (great on top of your steaks with a bit of garlic powder!)
  • Alfredo sauce (this is a low carb, high fat condiment, but it does contain dairy - skip down to see our dairy-free Keto alfredo sauce recipe)
  • Hot sauce - most hot sauces have no carbs (but check the ingredients carefully before buying)

And if you want to make your own Keto sauces, dips, and condiments, then make sure you have these 7 crucial ingredients at home so you can whip up Keto sauces and dips in no time.

Keto Condiment Recipes

7 Crucial Ingredients For Creating Delicious Keto Sauces, Dips, and Condiments

1.  Almond Milk or Coconut Milk/Cream 

If you’re staying dairy-free Keto, then these are some of your essential pantry ingredients.

They’ll help ensure your Keto sauces and dips are nice and creamy.

2.  Avocado Mayo 

This is another ingredient to make sure you stock up on.  You can buy it online from Amazon or you can make your own by following this recipe (using olive oil or avocado oil as your base).

As you’re probably aware, mayonnaise is a Keto friendly high fat, low carb condiment that’s used in a ton of other sauces...from Caesar dressing to garlic aioli and ranch dressing.

The problem with most of the mayonnaise you see in stores is that they contain various processed canola or sunflower oil.  These highly processed oils are unstable and go rancid quickly. And eating rancid oils could cause inflammation in your body long-term. (1)

3.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a Ketogenic diet pantry essential!  You can make a ton of other sauces from olive oil, including chimichurri sauce and mayo.

Plus, one of my favorite Keto salad dressings is just olive oil mixed with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.  

Not all olive oil is created equal so make sure you go for a trusted brand.

4.  Mct Oil or Coconut Oil 

MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) is often made from coconut oil.  It’s a popular ingredient in Keto recipes because it can help boost ketone production and therefore help keep you in ketosis. (2)

But unlikely coconut oil, MCT oil is liquid even at low temperatures (it doesn’t solidify like coconut oil).  And it’s this property that makes it great for use in Keto condiment recipes.

Just one word of caution...if you’re unused to consuming MCT oil, then start really slow (like with a ¼ teaspoon per day) as too much too soon can cause lots of digestive issues.

For Keto recipes that call for MCT oil, you can use olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil instead.

5.  Garlic Powder or Garlic Cloves 

Garlic is an essential flavoring in many Keto condiments, so make sure you have some handy.

Just note that too much garlic could kick you out of ketosis as garlic does contain net carbs.

6.  Ghee or Butter  

If you’re following other Keto friendly websites, then you’ve probably noticed that ghee and butter are regular features in Keto recipes.  We suggest ghee over butter especially if you have any dairy intolerances (to lactose or casein).

Ghee and butter can be used just by themselves as a delicious dip or sauce for steak and seafood, but it’s also great for use in making Keto hollandaise sauce as well as garlic butter sauces.

7.  Tomato Sauce 

Tomato sauce features in a ton of condiment recipes, including pizza sauce and marinara sauce.

While tomatoes are Keto friendly, they can add a fair amount of net carbs into your macros if you eat too much of them.

So, use them to flavor your Keto sauces, but use them sparingly.  And definitely make sure you buy tomato sauce that doesn’t have any added sugar.

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