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35 Lip-Smacking Keto Lunch Recipes

Louise Hendon | December 14

Need some new ideas to keep you on the straight and narrow food-wise? Fed up with boring lunches? Let me be the bearer of good news!

Here are some Keto lunch ideas that cover everything from quick and easy salads to wholesome and satisfying burgers and meatballs. I’ve even thrown in some luxurious ideas like the Peach and Pan-fried Scallops if you are entertaining so you won’t be at a loss for ideas.

Lots of the recipes are versatile, so why not try adapting them to suit your own taste, then you will have a load of new lunchtime options!

Here are just a few of the Keto Lunch Recipes we’ve included:

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Keto Lunch Ideas

Keto Lunch Salads

Keto Lemon Blueberry Chicken Salad

– Keto Summit

Keto Lemon Blueberry Chicken Salad Recipe [Dairy-Free, Paleo] #keto #paleo #dairy-free #recipe

Ingredients: blueberries or other berries, onion, salad leaves, olive oil, lemon juice, chicken breast, coconut oil, salt, pepper.

Sometimes the simplest recipes can be the best, and this one couldn’t be simpler! This salad is packed with chicken, but punctuated with bursts of blueberry freshness, then the whole thing has a real zing from the lemony dressing. If you prefer a creamy dressing, you could try coconut cream with a dash of apple cider vinegar.

Keto Kale Caesar Salad Recipe

– Keto Summit

Keto Kale Caesar Salad Recipe [Paleo, Low Carb, Dairy-Free] #salad #recipe

Ingredients: bacon, chicken breast, coconut oil, eggs, raspberries, baby kale leaves or regular kale leaves, black pepper, Paleo mayo, anchovies, mustard, garlic, salt.

Unlike traditional Caesar salads which are full of dairy and croutons, this one uses kale leaves for added nutrition and a keto-friendly dressing which is dairy-free. This dish is packed with different flavors and textures, making the salad much more interesting. You have fresh, juicy raspberries, soft boiled egg and crispy bacon – a party in your mouth!

Keto Kale and Blueberry Salad Recipe

– Keto Summit

Kale and Blueberry Salad Recipe [Paleo, Keto, AIP] #paleo #keto #aip #recipes -

Ingredients: kale, blueberries, almonds, red onion, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper.

Kale has so many more nutrients than other salad leaves, so this delicious salad could be a good way to increase your intake. Teamed with the juicy blueberries, the crunchy kale and sweet red onion, this salad could be a wonderful light lunch option or a side salad for cooked meats or fish. If you use the light dressing suggested here you won’t mask the flavors of the other ingredients.

5-Minute Sardines Salad

– Keto Summit

Ingredients: sardines in olive oil or brine, salad greens, deli meat or bacon or leftover meat, olive oil, lemon juice, salt.

This is such a quick and easy recipe to prepare that it could be your emergency go-to when you are short on time, or if someone drops in unexpectedly for lunch! Sardines are packed with goodness and have a distinctive flavor and meaty texture. So, along with the bacon, this salad is filling and meaty, yet light enough to enjoy for a quick lunch.

Egg Salad Stuffed Avocados

– Paleo Flourish

Egg Salad Stuffed Avocados [Paleo, Keto] #paleo #keto -

Ingredients: avocados, eggs, pickles, parsley, Paleo mayo, mustard, salt, pepper.

This salad is full of taste and healthy fats from the avocado and would make a very satisfying lunch that is quite simple to make. It is also an adaptable recipe as you can cook the eggs to your liking, add in any herbs you like and if you don’t like pickles you can use cucumber. This would also be a great dish to have for breakfast as the salad will give you all you need to keep you going through the morning.

No Mayo Cilantro Chicken Salad

– Meatified

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified

Ingredients: chicken, zucchini, coconut cream, dried garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, salt.

Here is a recipe that would be the perfect way to use up leftover cooked chicken! Although it does not involve mayo, you still have a wonderfully thick and creamy dressing to coat the chicken pieces. This salad is best eaten right away as the zucchini will release too much liquid if it is left to sit in the refrigerator.

Spicy Avocado Egg Salad

– Wicked Stuffed

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Amanda from Wicked Stuffed

Ingredients: egg, spicy guacamole, mayo, salt, pepper.

This creamy egg salad has a fabulous hidden secret – the spice! Whether you buy spicy guacamole or make your own, the spice can help lift the flavors and make the salad even more interesting. This dish can be served in a pepper as described here, or you can simply heap it onto salad leaves, but my favorite way to serve it is to cut cucumber in half lengthways and hollow it out a bit then pack the egg salad into the ‘boats’.

Shrimp and Avocado Salad

– The Paleo Mom

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom

Ingredients: lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro, pepper, salt, shrimp, avocados, lettuce or baby greens.

Everyone knows that shrimp goes really well with a citrus juice, and in this salad the lime juice is the perfect addition to the marinade as it gives the fish a lovely tangy taste. You can serve this on whatever salad leaves you prefer, but baby spinach tastes amazing! The combination of firm shrimp and creamy, rich avocado makes this an impressive salad to make for guests.

Easy Low Carb Egg Salad and Day One Back on Keto

– I Breathe I’m Hungry

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry

Ingredients: eggs, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, lemon juice, lite salt, kosher salt, pepper.

This salad would be lovely for a light lunch and is quite quick and easy to prepare. There is a lovely heat from the mustard that sets the egg mixture off really well, and if you decide to serve it along with bacon you get a wonderful combination of textures as well. Serve this salad in lettuce wraps for a quick and simple lunch or a filling and nutritious breakfast.

Keto Burgers, Pizza, and Sandwiches

Keto Cauliflower Pizza

– Keto Summit

Keto Cauliflower Pizza #keto

Ingredients: cauliflower, almond flour, garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, olive oil, egg, tomato, pepperoni, arugula.

Isn’t cauliflower amazing? You can use it as rice, a vegetable on its own, or use it to make a delicious pizza base that avoids all the gluten and carbs that you find in regular pizza bases. This one even cuts like a proper pizza, so even if you are on a diet, you don’t have to miss out. Why not try different toppings too – bacon, mushrooms and avocado would be a great combination!

Keto Eggplant Burgers [Chinese Qiezi He]

– Keto Summit

Keto Eggplant Burgers Recipe [Chinese Qiezi He] #keto

Ingredients: ground pork, Japanese eggplants, green onions, ginger, tamari sauce or coconut aminos, salt, pepper, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar.

If burgers are on the menu in your house, whether for lunch or as a starter for a dinner party, eggplant can be the perfect ‘bun’ replacement, as it holds together well once it is cooked. You can use whatever ground meat your family likes, but I recommend you make the dipping sauce described here, as the flavors from the tamari and garlic are fantastic! Even the younger members of the household will love these.

Keto Pistachio Tomato Avocado Toast

– Keto Summit

Pistachio Tomato Avocado Toast Recipe (Paleo and Keto) #paleo #keto #recipes -

Ingredients: Keto bread, avocado, lime juice, tomato, pistachios, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil.

Avocado toast is becoming more and more popular nowadays as it is a filling and nutritious dish for breakfast or lunch. This one has the additional flavor from the tomato and the chopped nuts give a lovely twist to the texture, however, if you have a nut intolerance, just leave them out! Serve this on your choice of keto bread for a super lunch idea.

Keto Chicken Sandwich Recipe with Toasted Italian Grain-Free Bread

– Keto Summit

Keto Chicken Sandwich Recipe with Toasted Italian Grain-Free Bread [Paleo, Keto] #paleo #keto #recipes -

Ingredients: chicken breast, egg, garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, avocado oil or olive oil, almond flour, Italian seasoning, baking powder, ghee, mustard, paleo mayo, romaine lettuce.

Bread made in a mug is such a great idea as it helps people like me control the portion size! It is also quick and easy to make and in this recipe you are adding tons of flavor to the bread itself as well as to the chicken. These little sandwiches are ideal for a tasty lunch, but also make great additions to a lunchbox or picnic hamper.

Mini Burgers

– Paleo Flourish

Mini Burgers with Mustard #paleo #recipes #glutenfree

Ingredients: ground beef, mustard, pickles (optional), lettuce leaves, salt, avocado oil or ghee, almond flour, baking powder, eggs, coconut oil or olive oil.

Sometimes when you are following a specific diet you miss things like burgers, but there is no need to go without! Making your own burgers is easy and quick and you can be sure there are no additives in them. These mini burgers are great for a lunch or for a kid’s party as they make perfect finger food and are a great way to encourage children to eat healthy.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Mushrooms

– Paleo Flourish

Keto Pizza Recipes

Ingredients: cauliflower, almond flour, garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, olive oil, egg, salt, black pepper, button mushrooms, arugula.

This recipe gives you a light and delicious pizza base that you can use as a blank canvas for your imagination! You can add a sauce or pesto, some different meats or vegetables – pizzas are a great way to use up any leftovers you find in the fridge. You could also get the kids involved in making their own and decorating it with their favorite toppings.

The Ultimate Dill Tuna Salad Sandwich

– Wicked Stuffed

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Amanda from Wicked Stuffed

Ingredients: tuna, mayo, dried dill, salt, pepper, hamburger dills.

If you are like me and are a great fan of tuna salad, here is a fantastic recipe for you to try! Make these for a tasty lunch and you will really enjoy the combination of soft and creamy tuna salad with the zingy taste of the pickles. Using small pickles would also make these ‘sandwiches’ perfect as party food. If you don’t like pickles you can substitute cucumber, but you will lose some of the flavor.

Bacon Burger Cabbage Stir-Fry Skillet Dish

– Low Carb Yum

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Lisa from Low Carb Yum

Ingredients: bacon, ground beef, onion, garlic, cabbage, sea salt, black pepper.

Here is another great recipe for a tasty and filling lunch that only takes 20 minutes to make – perfect for a busy day! Bacon and cabbage team up really well and the added ground meat adds to the protein level. You can use whatever ground meat you have, so try adding chicken or beef for a change. This recipe gives you quite a lot of food, so this would be good to keep for lunches several days in a row.

Stuffed Bacon Guacamole Burger

– Meatifed

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified

Ingredients: pork sausage, Bacon & Green Onion Guacamole.

Here is a recipe that is so impressive to the eye as well as the mouth! Firm, meaty burgers, but with a hidden secret inside – soft and creamy guacamole with bacon. Just imagine your guest’s surprise when they bite into the burger and are hit with a delicious filling. Other ground meats or sausage can be used, but if you want to change things up a bit try ground turkey as it goes so well with the bacon.

Keto Pork, Beef, and Chicken Recipes

Keto Stuffed Chicken Breast

– Keto Summit

Keto Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe #keto

Ingredients: olive oil, basil leaves, pine nuts or walnuts, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, pepper, cauliflower, Keto Pesto, chicken breasts, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, coconut oil.

Because of the golden brown color on this chicken dish, it looks so yummy before you even try it! Then when you cut into it and are greeted with mouthfuls of tender meat with soft and flavorsome stuffing, you will put this recipe down in your favorites section! If you don’t have a meat mallet you can use a rolling pin or even a pan to pound the chicken flat ready for rolling.

Creamy Meatballs

– Keto Summit

Ingredients: ground beef or other meats, garlic powder, egg, salt, black pepper, coconut oil, onion, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, coconut cream, cabbage.

Here is another great idea for a healthy and satisfying meal for the whole family! The creamy tomato sauce helps to boost the flavors of the meatballs and the fried cabbage is a good alternative as a side dish. This recipe would also work using other ground meats such as pork or turkey, so it can accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have to cater for.

Keto Chicken Hash Recipe with Coconut Dijon Sauce

– Keto Summit

Keto Chicken Hash Recipe with Coconut Dijon Sauce #keto

Ingredients: chicken breasts, onion, carrots, leek, coconut oil, salt, pepper, Coconut Dijon sauce.

Although it is already full of flavor from the chicken and vegetables, this hash comes to life by using the coconut Dijon sauce! It is packed with taste and has gentle heat from the Dijon mustard and is full of healthy fats from the coconut butter, so don’t just use it on this recipe – make a bigger batch and use it on every chicken dish you make!

Ham and Spinach Mini Quiches

– Paleo Flourish

Ham and Spinach Mini Quiches [Paleo, Keto] #paleo #keto -

Ingredients: eggs, ham, spinach, leek, coconut milk, baking powder, salt, pepper.

These little crustless quiches have the perfect balance of meat and vegetables, making them super-tasty and perfect for a quick snack or a lunch. These taste so good cold so would be great to take to work or pack in the kids’ lunchboxes. Just be a bit careful to taste the mixture before you add the salt as the ham can be salty enough, depending what type you use.

LCHF Chicken Nuggets

– Ditch the Carbs

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Libby from Ditch The Carbs

Ingredients: egg, oil of choice, chicken breast, almond meal or flour, salt, garlic powder, onion flakes.

It can often be really difficult to get kids to eat healthy, especially when they have friends who are allowed fast food, so here is the perfect recipe to wean them off the breadcrumbed nuggets yet still give them the flavor they crave. They come out soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside and taste amazing served with a dipping sauce or salsa – perfect for parties! These can be cooked and frozen then reheated when you need them.

Oven Baked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tender

– Low Carb Yum

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Lisa from Low Carb Yum

Ingredients: kosher salt, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, thyme, chicken tenders, bacon.

This recipe involves a ‘shake and bake’ method to coat the chicken, which cuts out on messy fingers and is so easy to do that it may well become your favorite method! The chicken is so tasty and is kept moist by wrapping it in the bacon. Feel free to adjust the seasonings to suit your palate, then enjoy these for a lovely lunch or cut each chicken tender into smaller pieces to serve as party food!

Bistek & Onions

– Paleo Effect

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Meghan & Angel from The Paleo Effect

Ingredients: beef cube steaks, white onions, pork lard, Paleo adobo seasoning, coconut vinegar, olive oil.

This recipe has its roots in Puerto Rican cuisine and, with only a few ingredients, is a cheap yet filling meal. Steak and onions is a true favorite with most meat lovers and with the seasoning on this meat the whole dish is bound to be delicious. For a slightly sweeter taste, try using red onions instead of white. This is a lovely filling dish to serve for lunch on a chilly day.

Keto Fish and Seafood Recipes

Keto Lemon Garlic Ghee Salmon with Leek Asparagus Ginger Saute

– Keto Summit

Lemon Garlic Ghee Salmon with Leek Asparagus Ginger Saute [Paleo, Keto, AIP] #paleo #keto #aip -

Ingredients: salmon filets, ghee, garlic, lemon juice, salt, lemon, asparagus, leek, ginger powder or fresh ginger, avocado oil or olive oil.

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can eat, packed with omega 3 and healthy fats, but because it is fatty, it takes strong flavors like ginger to help cut through this. This dish looks so good and yet it can be ready in half an hour, so it would make an impressive meal for a dinner party or for a family lunch. Cooking the salmon in foil helps the fish to absorb all the extra flavor of the garlic and lemon too.

Keto Salmon Curry

– Keto Summit

Keto Salmon Curry Recipe [Paleo, Low-Carb] #paleo #recipe

Ingredients: onion, green beans, curry powder, garlic powder, coconut cream, bone broth, salmon, coconut oil, salt, pepper, basil.

This is a quick and easy curry recipe as the fish takes only a few minutes to cook, so it would be perfect for a chilly evening when you don’t have time to spend too long cooking. The salmon is rich in healthy fats and if you don’t have green beans then you could use spinach or asparagus or even some broccoli florets to give you a warming and satisfying meal.

Roasted Cauliflower Broccoli Tuna Bowl

– Paleo Flourish

Roasted Cauliflower Broccoli Tuna Bowl [Paleo, Keto, AIP] #paleo #keto #aip -

Ingredients: cauliflower, broccoli, olive oil, lemon, salt, tuna, parsley, tahini, gluten-free tamari soy sauce, sesame oil.

Tuna is another fish, like salmon, which is packed with omega 3 and healthy fats, and in a dish like this one, can give you a filling and nutritious lunch that you can even take to work. Roasting cauliflower and broccoli gives them a mellower flavor so they do not overpower the taste of the fish and with a simple seasoning of salt and lemon, the whole meal can be enjoyed anytime.

Peach and Pan-Fried Scallops Salad

– Paleo Flourish

Peach and Pan-Fried Scallops Salad Recipe [Paleo, Keto, AIP] #paleo #keto #aip #recipes -

Ingredients: scallops, coconut oil, arugula leaves, onion, peach, olive oil, lemon juice.

Scallops are very low in calorific value and are packed with antioxidants, making them the perfect meat to enjoy if you are trying to watch your weight. They come in different sizes, so if you prefer bite-size foods just buy baby ones – you can often find them frozen which is so handy. The meaty texture is set off in this dish by the soft and juicy peach and the freshness of the salad leaves.

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Ham Wraps

– Paleo Flourish

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Ham Wraps Recipe [Paleo, Keto, AIP] #paleo #keto #aip -

Ingredients: ham, cucumber, smoked salmon, coconut cream, green salad.

These tasty wraps are ideal for a lunchtime snack or even for a healthy breakfast. They have a lovely texture since all the layers are sandwiched together with the smooth coconut cream. These are easy to eat, so they would be perfect if you are feeding kids. Or why not try turning them inside out – make cucumber cups, chop the meat and stir in the cream and fill the cups with the mix to make dainty finger food!

Fish Sticks

– A Girl Worth Saving

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving

Ingredients: pork rinds, Alaskan cod filet, coconut flour, sea salt, black pepper, egg, water.

This recipe uses pork rinds to make a wonderful crunchy coating for the fish, so you get the texture but without the coloring and additives in store-bought breadcrumb coatings. Homemade fish sticks, or fish fingers if you are from the UK, can be a great way to get the children to eat healthier meals without them noticing! Sneaky, but necessary sometimes!

Smoky Tuna Pickle Boats

– I Breathe I’m Hungry

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry

Ingredients: albacore tuna, smoked tuna, mayonnaise, onion flakes or onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, dill pickles.

These pickle boats make a lovely dish for a family picnic as they are easy to eat with the fingers. The tang of the pickles sets off the smoky flavor of the tuna and we all know how well tuna and mayo go together! To make them look even more appealing for a party dish, sprinkle them with a little paprika or a few pink peppercorns for garnish.

Salmon Florentine

– Ketogasm

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Tasha from Ketogasm

Ingredients: ghee, spinach, apple cider vinegar, red chili flakes, sea salt, black pepper, garlic, salmon filet.

For those of you who don’t know, Florentine just means a dish made with spinach, and it is packed with goodness. Spinach is a fantastic green to serve with fish or chicken and is a great source of calcium and other nutrients, and served on top of these salmon fillets and flavored with the garlic and chili, it makes a really wholesome family meal.

Asian Tuna Cakes

– Peace Love and Low Carb

Keto Lunch Recipes

Photo Credit: Kyndra from Peace Love and Low Carb

Ingredients: tuna, eggs, shallot, garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley, coconut aminos, ginger, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil.

Fish cakes are a great dish to serve to make sure your family eats healthier as even the youngest members will love these. Canned tuna is normally quite cheap, so this recipe would also suit if you are a student or working to a budget. Just remember to drain all the water from the fish as this can make the cakes very crumbly. Serve these with green salad leaves and a wedge of lemon for a lovely filling lunch!

Want more delicious recipes like this? Check out our Keto Lunch Recipes for more options!

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